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Mother sacrifices to save dying son

Mr. and Mrs. Dui had a son whose heart defect was certain to take his life. Only expensive surgery could save him, so his mom skipped meals and dad doubled his workload. When an earthquake took everything, all hope seemed lost—until someone ... Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Mrs. Dui thought her son just had a bad winter cold,

but she found out XinYu had something far worse.

MRS. DUI: XinYu's breathing was sounding strange.

So we took him to the doctor and were

told he was underdeveloped and was actually missing

a part of his heart.

NARRATOR: Doctors said XinYu had three months to live at best.

MRS. DUI: Then I did some research

and I found out if my son got surgery, he could survive.

So I started saving as much money as possible.

I wouldn't even spend a quarter on water.

SISTER: My mom bought food for my little brother,

but she never ate much or got anything for herself.

MRS. DUI: I could go without.

I rather save for surgery.

NARRATOR: Mr. Dui worked day and night

to pay for medicine for XinYu.

And while it helped him live past the three months

doctors had given him, he wasn't getting better.

MRS. DUI: He screamed so much that he got a hernia.

He often said to me, Mom, I'm sick.

Will you please take me to the doctor for surgery?

But we still couldn't afford it.

NARRATOR: Then an earthquake hit the Dui's village

and destroyed their home, wiping out everything

they diligently saved for XinYu.

MRS. DUI: We had to live outside.

Since it was cold and XinYu's immune system was weak,

he got really sick with a high fever.

We knew if it continued, this time my son would definitely


NARRATOR: Before that could happen,

CBN heard about the Dui's.

We made a visit to their village and shared the gospel.

Mrs. Dui prayed to become a Christian.

We made a contribution to repair their house,

and we provided free heart surgery for XinYu.

MRS. DUI: My son is completely healthy now.

You saved XinYu's life, and you helped us with our home.

I'm so relieved.

From the bottom of my heart, I can never thank you enough.

SISTER: My little brother is healed.

I am so happy.

When I grow up, I want to be a CBN person,

because you help people.

And now, I want to help people too.

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