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An amazing rescue!

In an incredible act of mercy, pastor Malachi rescued baby Mook when her mother died in childbirth. They adopted and raised Mook with 19 other orphans on their rice farm. But their resources were running dangerously low. Read Transcript


NARRATOR: As Malachi rushed up this mountain in Thailand,

he knew a baby's life was in danger.

The mother had died in childbirth.

INTERPRETER: The woman who called me was a Christian.

She said the father wanted to put the baby under her mother's

body until she stopped breathing.

NARRATOR: Malachi quickly rescued the newborn

and with the father's consent, brought her home to his wife.

They adopted her and named her Mook, which means Pearl.

INTERPRETER: I was orphaned when I was a child,

and I knew she really was a precious gift to our family.

Mook really is like a pearl.

NARRATOR: Mook is just one of the 20 orphaned or vulnerable

children that the couple has taken in.

For years, Malakai grew rice on a borrowed field

to support them.

Then the owner took back his field,

and the children's home ran low on food and money.

INTERPRETER: The thought of sending the children away

made me feel terrible.

I didn't know what to do.

We needed help.

NARRATOR: Malachi and Sopa gathered the children together

to pray.

When CBN met the couple who had opened

their home to baby Mook and so many other children,

we offered to help.

First, we gave them enough rice, noodles, eggs,

and fish to feed everyone for a month.

Next, we built them a new kitchen

to be able to properly prepare that food.

Finally, to help Malachi and Sopa to keep the children's

home open, we provided everything

needed to start two businesses-- one

weaving and the other raising fish to eat and sell.

And this is Mook now at age two, both healthy and happy.

INTERPRETER: I'm so grateful for CBN's help.

You showed mercy to our children and gave them a future.

I believe things will just keep getting

better and better for our home.

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