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David meets Goliath on the playground

Seven-year-old David was bullied at day camp, but his mom found a teachable moment using CBN’s Superbook Bible adventures. David learned a lesson in faith and bravery—and surprised his friends in true Superbook fashion! Read Transcript

NARRATOR: When seven-year-old David went to a day camp

last summer he made lots of new friends.

He also met some bullies.

They were bigger kids than me.

They punched, they kicked.

NARRATOR: David later told his mom what had happened.

We were sad that our son was bullied and had to fight back.

We tried to teach him to be kind but like most kids

who get attacked, he was angry and hurt.

NARRATOR: That's when David's mom, Ceste,

came across an episode of CBNs superbook program online.

She remembered watching the classic version as a child.

They also downloaded the free superbook mobile app.

I like the features of the superbook app.

It has a Bible, games, videos, and pictures of the characters.

NARRATOR: David especially likes the app and the audio Bible

that comes with it.

He says it helps him memorize Bible verses.

NARRATOR: One night David's mom was

thrilled to receive an email from CBNs superbook team.

SUPERBOOK TEAM: Dear parent, oh we have great news for you.

While your son David was on the superbook website,

he dedicated his life to Jesus Christ.

I was overwhelmed that God spoke to my son's heart

through the superbook app.

NARRATOR: A few days later David saw

a young girl who was being bullied and stepped in to help.

And I told him Jesus loves you so he does not

want you to fight.

And whatever you do to someone, you do to God.

NARRATOR: The boy apologized to the younger girl

and walked away.

David says it was the superbook story about David and Goliath

that helped him know what to do.

Just like David in the Bible, I am not

afraid from telling them they're wrong because God is with me.

I am overjoyed that he understood God's love

and shared it with another child.

The superbook episode and app helped

my son apply Bible lessons to his life.

Superbook is good.

Because I love the word of God, then I love God.

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