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How Would You Like Three Months’ Living Expenses in the Bank?

Randy and Connie know the pain of debt. After a failed business, they spiraled into a mountain of credit card debt. Find out how they got the courage to try again and turn their finances around. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: In 1997 Randy and Connie Dollar

closed the doors on their auto repair business

in Chewelah, Washington.

Losing it, yeah, it hurt.

You know, I didn't want it to happen,

but the stress of owning the old business at the time,

it was good to be done.

NARRATOR: The failed business combined with credit card

spending, eventually left them with,

what Connie calls, a mountain of debt.

I took a poster board and I drew a mountain

and I listed all our debts.

And I started speaking the word.

I looked up words on finances and I started speaking it.

In Deuteronomy it says that he is,

God is the one that gives you the ability to get wealth.

NARRATOR: In 2001 Randy became a Christian

and together they committed to tithing.

There's only two things you can do with the tithe.

You can return it to God or you can steal it.

If you return it, that he would open up the windows of heaven

and pour out a blessing that you can't even contain.

NARRATOR: By 2005 Randy felt it was

time to start his own business again.

Connie prayed for a financial cushion

before the business opened.

I just said, God, you know, I can be a lot more comfortable

here if I had three months of living expenses in the bank,

which we didn't.

NARRATOR: Three months living expenses meant $9,000.

A couple who knew they were struggling

to start a new business decided to give them

a gift, no strings attached.

And at the end of that evening,

they handed us a check for $10,000, which

was exactly what I asked the Lord for plus the tithe.

NARRATOR: Randy's auto service opened soon after.

Since I have dedicated my business to the Lord,

he's been blessing me ever since.

He provides my daily bread.

He just provides.

NARRATOR: Through the business, they

were able to get out of debt.

They continue to tithe to their church and give to CBN.

NARRATOR: It's a way for us to give

and I know that it's going to help people.

I appreciate the 700 Club.

That they're like first responders.

You know, when there's an earthquake or some catastrophe,

they're there to help, you know, give the hand in the name

of the Lord, you know.

NARRATOR: They recently moved the business to a larger garage

and hired two new employees.

He will provide.

If you tithe.

I've just seen it happen to me.

I've seen it happen to other people.

And it works.

He's an abundance god.

I mean, he goes over and beyond what you could ask or think.

That's my favorite sculpture, Ephesians 3:20.

How can you not give back?

You know.

The word says to give and it shall be given unto to you.

Pressed down, shaken up.

You know, the same measure that you give will come back to you.

NARRATOR: Randy says following God's principles has

been the key to their financial turnaround.

If you're not tithing you're shooting yourself in the foot.

The blessings come from that.

It's honoring God for what he has given you, given back

what he's given you, and then giving to others

with what he's given you.

And just trust in him and he will provide.

He always does.

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