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A land where nothing grows

A missionary returned to his homeland of Senegal, Africa, to find the soil dry and barren, and he struggled to make a difference. Then came an unexpected outpouring of love from the four corners of the world! Read Transcript


NARRATOR: When Pastor Joseph retired,

there were lots of things he could have done.

He's an educated man with two master's degrees.

He's fluent in five languages, including Arabic.

In fact, his Arabic is so good, he was asked to teach it.

But with many opportunities in front of him,

he chose to move to one of the most dangerous communities

in Senegal for a very important mission.

There are a lot of people hurting here,

and crime is very high.

Children born here have little hope because it's

so hard to farm in this region.

Agricultural is a way to approach the people here,

and I want to share Jesus with them.

NARRATOR: But when Pastor Joseph started his farm,

like everyone else he struggled to grow anything.

It rains only a few inches during a two month growing

season in July and August.

So he was excited when CBN offered to help.

Together with our partners from Innovation Africa

and the Alliance for Global Good,

we dug a deep water well, installed a solar powered pump

and monitoring system.

Then we added Israeli drip irrigation technology,

and the African desert began to bloom.

Soon, the fields were ready to harvest.

The crops sold quickly and for a good profit.

With the new system, Pastor Joseph

is now growing crops year round.

That got the attention of his Muslim neighbors.

They started coming to the center where Pastor Joseph told

them about the new technology.

He also invited them to learn more about Jesus.

Some even prayed to become Christians.

In this way, a small Christian community

was born right here on my farm.

And every Sunday we meet and pray together.

NARRATOR: Pastor Joseph also has a heart for the children

of his community.

He's using CBN's "Superbook" programs to introduce them

to the God of the Bible.

Because of the solar panels, well, and irrigation,

we have had a record harvest.

We have clean drinking water, improving

health in the children, and more jobs for young people here.

Thank you, CBN, for your partnership.

The people here are now regaining their dignity.

At the same time, they have the privilege

of hearing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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