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Too Sick to Have Friends

Afflicted with a life-threatening heart defect, Wanlin had only two friends—her devoted brother and her pet kitten. Her mother worked hard to save up for surgery, but Wanlin was getting worse. After an emergency trip to the hospital, she was ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: For years, Wanlin only had two friends.

INTERPRETER 1: One was my kitten.

I played with her all the time.

NARRATOR: The other was her big brother, Huangyu.

INTERPRETER 1: He was like a big, strong tree to me.

Every time I thought about him, I

was as happy as when you eat a marshmallow.

NARRATOR: Wanlin wished she had more friends,

but she was diagnosed with a serious heart

problem when she was one and never had a normal childhood.

INTERPRETER 2: Wanlin was like a caged bird who tried to fly

freely, but she couldn't.

INTERPRETER 3: Her lips turned dark a lot, and she got dizzy.

She had horrible fevers.

I was scared that she might die at any time.

INTERPRETER 2: The doctor said she needed surgery,

but we didn't have enough money.

NARRATOR: So Mrs. Huang worked hard

doing odd jobs to make ends meet and save up

for Wanlin's surgery.

Her brother helped, too.

INTERPRETER 2: It was my way of showing

my sister that I loved her.

During vacation, I worked from 9 AM to 10 PM.

And I gave my mother all of my wages.

If I could get my sister surgery,

it will all be worth it.

NARRATOR: But it would be years before the Huangs could

save enough.

Meanwhile, Wanlin struggled to breathe

and got progressively worse.


INTERPRETER: One day, my whole body was in pain.

I looked in the mirror and sobbed, I'm not pretty at all!

NARRATOR: Shortly after, Wanlin ended up in the hospital.

INTERPRETER 2: Her hands trembled, and she looked pale.

But I just believed that God would

have mercy and save my sister.

NARRATOR: Then CBN heard about Wanlin,

and we helped set up and provide her with surgery.

INTERPRETER 1: Now I'm healthy.

I don't feel any pain anymore, so I can ride my bike

and play with other children.

INTERPRETER 2: Wanlin is completely different.

And her laughter is like birds singing.

I'm just so happy to see her happy.

You gave us a hand where we needed it most.

If everyone should love like this,

the world would be such a better place.

INTERPRETER 1: When I grow up, I hope to be kind and loving just

like you.


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