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Abandoned, Hungry and Alone

When Roger was nine, his mother decided to leave and not come back. Not even his loving grandmother could heal the deep hurt. Discover who came to his rescue and began a miraculous transformation. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: When Roger came to live with his grandparents,

he rarely got enough to eat.

But that wasn't the greatest challenge he would face.

His emotions are still raw as he remembers the day his mom left.

She found a boyfriend.


Then she had an engagement.

Then she went away, and I never saw her again.

NARRATOR: To escape his pain and his hunger,

the nine-year-old spent lots of time away from the house.

His grandma acknowledged how hard

it's been to provide for her grandson.


Some days there was nothing.

I gave him the last bit of rice.

Many times, Roger when hungry.

NARRATOR: Then someone invited Roger

to a place called The Village.

It's a ministry supported by CBN's Orphan's Promise

that helps some of the neediest kids in Iquitos, Peru.

I had no friends to play with before.

Now, here at The Village, I have a million friends.

NARRATOR: Last year, CBN's Orphan's Promise not only

supported the center, we also helped to expand it.

Now, Monday through Friday, the kids receive lunch and a snack,

and are taught about the love of Jesus

through CBN's "Superbook" programs, which have now

been translated into Spanish.

I like it because he healed the sick

and makes food come down from heaven to feed the crowds.

NARRATOR: One day, after watching another episode,

Roger prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior

and for something else.

After one "Superbook," I asked Jesus

to take this sadness away.

He listened to me and made me happy.

I am so happy when I see him praying.

There is a great change in him.

Roger likes to invite kids from his neighborhood

to the Orphan's Promise center, too.

I brought three friends to The Village.

One of them received Jesus.

I thank God for giving me a grandma and Orphan's Promise

for making me a happy boy.

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