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When Your Bills Far Outweigh Your Income

Ron and Kim had astronomical medical costs for their son, Noah, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Not knowing how to they would survive, they committed to one decision that made all the difference. Read Transcript

Good shot, Emily.

NARRATOR: Ron and Kim Wiest cherish their family times

together, especially with their son, Noah.

When Noah was five he was diagnosed

with a rare genetic disorder.

We had to go to the hospital every week

for six months for Noah to get a five hour infusion that

took about 10 hours of our day.

NARRATOR: At the time, they had been living on Ron's income

while Kim stayed home, caring for Noah and his sister Emily.

Even with insurance covering 80% of the cost,

they were looking at thousands of dollars

in additional medical bills.

The medical costs could be so astronomical it could bankrupt

us in just a couple months.

NARRATOR: But Ron and Kim trusted God to provide.

Before they got married, neither of them tithed.

But they wanted to put God first in their marriage

and became faithful tithers.

We looked back at our finances after starting to tithe,

and they actually started to improve.

I mean like, wow.

Malachi 3:10 is right when God says, test me in this.

NARRATOR: They continue to tithe and they also

set up a fundraising campaign to help

with their son's medical bills.

The donations poured in, covering their expenses

for five years and counting.

That is the awesomeness of God's faithfulness.

He knew all the things that were going to happen in the future.

NARRATOR: Today, Noah is getting regular checkups

and is managing his symptoms.

Ron and Kim share the lessons they've

learned with him and Emily.

It's good to give because that, like, 10%, it could help a lot.

If everyone gives 10%, that'd be a lot.

Jesus first gave to us, so we should give to other people.

NARRATOR: The couple also started giving to CBN.

We love the testimonies, especially the ones

involving children with medical conditions

that need hearing aids or that have cleft palates and need


So it just really is awesome to me

to know that we can be that light through CBN

and through God to those families.

NARRATOR: Ron is now vice president of underwriting

for an insurance company.

That means they have even more to give.

I just really think if you're faithful,

if you're His steward, you know, He's the master.

Then He's going to bless you.

He's going to provide no matter what.

What we've learned through tithing and giving we

apply to other-- all parts of our lives.

And it's really the importance of obedience to God

and you will find that God will chase you down with blessings

because He loves you.

And it applies to all parts of our lives.



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