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Cross-Country Move Financially Straps Military Family

A Christmas move from California to North Carolina put Staff Sergeant Robert and his family in a serious financial bind. Then, their budget took another big hit with unexpected expenses, and the bills piled up. Watch their reaction to a surprise ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Robert and Christina enjoy spending time together

with their three kids.

They're careful not to take that time

for granted because Robert is an Army Staff Sergeant

and often has to leave Christina and the boys behind for months.

ROBERT: She does a great job of taking care of the household

and all our family and stuff.

It's not as easy as it looks.

CHRISTINA: It makes me feel really grateful that he sees

me that way, that he does all these things for me

and the boys and that we're a team.

NARRATOR: Last year the budget got tight

when they transferred from California to Camp

Lejeune in North Carolina.

They shouldered some expenses the military

didn't cover in the move.

Then when the weather changed, buying winter clothes

for the kids became a priority.

That meant when Christmas rolled around

they wouldn't be able to afford presents.

Christina started looking for a job to help out,

but hasn't had any success.

The couple would have to rely on Robert's single salary.

CHRISTINA: And we thought, financially,

how are we going to do this?

And I remember things got so hard emotionally.

NARRATOR: There church, River of Life,

heard about Helping the Home Front and asked CBN to step in.

We told pastor Chris Phillips, yes.

CHRIS PHILLIPS: When my staff told me

that we were going to be able to partner with CBN

and Helping The Home Front in the lives of this family,

Robert and Christina, we were very excited

because we knew that together we would be able to make a life

changing difference.

NARRATOR: Just before Christmas, he stopped by

to tell them the news.

CHRIS PHILLIPS: CBN and Helping the Home Front

have partnered together to send you on a shopping spree.

We want you to be able to buy the boys all the shoes,

and winter coats, and clothing that they need.

In addition, CBN and Helping the Home Front

wants you to be able to get the boys the best Christmas

that they've ever had.


And we want you to be able to get them their wish list.

ROBERT: I don't know what to say.

Just thank you.

That's all I can say.

I'm really grateful, really grateful.

CHRISTINA: I'm so thankful.

More then, more than words can say.

NARRATOR: The family took a field trip to Sears,

and the kids picked out clothes they needed,

winter coats and new shoes.

When Sears heard about Helping the Home Front,

they gladly gave the family a deep discount.

Then their church took the couple

to buy the boys presents to open on Christmas morning.

This military family's holiday was perfect

because CBN partners made their holiday dreams come true.

ROBERT: Thank you to CBN, all that you do.

CHRISTINA: My heart is overjoyed.

And I'm very thankful that they would go out

of their way to help military families like us.

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