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Fleeing ISIS—A Family’s Story

Samir and Ilhan looked over their shoulders and saw their Syrian village in flames. They fled the marauding ISIS forces to Erbil, Iraq. Samir couldn’t find work and their baby was sick. Discover how Christians are helping them. Read Transcript

Ilhan and her husband, Samir, fled their village

near Kobani, Syria, the night before ISIS overran the city.

We left everything to save our lives.

I was scared that a horrible death

was coming for us if we stayed.

We could see the black smoke rising from Kobani behind us.

We were so afraid.

I thought they would capture my wife and enslave her.

The helplessness makes you feel crazy.

They made their way to Erbil in Iraqi, Kurdistan,

hoping to find work and start a new life as refugees.

What they found was a daily struggle to get by.

I work construction, but I stepped on a nail

and got tetanus.

Now my leg hurts so bad that I can't do hard labor.

That is the only work available for refugees.

I feel so desperate and frustrated,

because I can't provide for my family.

The rent is so high.

And no one here wants to help refugees.

I can't work outside the home, because women

are oppressed here in Iraq.

I'm so worried about getting what my baby needs.

I also have a typhoid infection, but we can't afford medicine.

When I met with the family, I learned

Ilhan worked as a hairstylist when they lived in Kobani.

So we took her shopping and bought her everything

she needed to start a salon right in her own home.

CBN also got the family food and medicine

to treat Ilhan's typhoid.

And people from the church we partner with regularly

talk to the family about the love of Jesus Christ.

Thank you so very much for doing this for us.

We have been desperately searching for hope.

You gave that to us when everyone else turned away.

I'm really very grateful, because you gave us so much.

We appreciate all that you and the church have done for us.

We will never forget this.


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