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China Loves Superbook

Mengen first saw Superbook in Mandarin Chinese. Now she can’t wait to share it with other children! What attracts kids around the world to CBN’s new animated Bible adventures? Let Mengen tell you! Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Meet eight year old Mengen from China.

INTERPRETER: My name, Mengen, means to be blessed by God.

NARRATOR: Mengen asked her parents for a children's Bible

when she was two.

Now she loves Jesus.

INTERPRETER: He says, when you call on me, I'll listen,

so I feel He is very near to me, and I'm

really interested in the stories of the Bible.

NARRATOR: But she always had a lot of questions.

INTERPRETOR: Whether I read the Bible to her

or she read it herself, she didn't really

understand everything.

INTERPRETER: I wished I could see

what happened with my own eyes.

NARRATOR: So she started looking at Christian storybooks

and drawing pictures from the Bible.

Then she was introduced to Superbook in Mandarin.

INTERPRETER: I fell in love with Superbook the first time

I saw it.

It helped me to know God better, and the characters

look so real.

INTERPRETER: I feel comfortable with Superbook

because it's an accurate representation of the Bible,

and it's safe.

When Mengen would ask me, Mom, can I see Superbook today,

and I said yes, she will start to cheer.

NARRATOR: Mengen watched "The First Christmas"

online 20 times in two months.

INTERPRETER: I always point out that Chris gave his treasure

to the poor boy in the story, and that touched her heart.

NARRATOR: She counted her coins and donated them

all to CBN for Superbook.

Then she made a personal visit to a CBN sponsored

special needs school, and introduced the children there

to Superbook.

INTERPRETER: I wanted to help Children in need,

like Chris did, and I wanted to help them believe in God.

NARRATOR: Mengen can't wait to watch the next episode

of Superbook in Mandarin.

INTERPRETER: I want to share Superbook with more

and more needy children.

It feels really good to help others.

We love Superbook!


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