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Could You Feed Your Family on $50 a Month?

Often the free lunch Jair got at school had to last him all day. His mother begged from neighbors, and he helped his grandmother gather wood to earn a few dollars. But they couldn’t survive like this. God bless friends like you for reaching ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: There is only one thing

that Eduardo and Jaiyer think about

as they walk to school each morning, food.

Once there, they receive their first, and sometimes only

meal of the day, a sandwich provided by the government.

But some days, the government food doesn't come.

EDUARDO THROUGH INTERPRETER: On the days when there's no food,

my stomach hurts, and I feel sick.

NARRATOR: Layla is a single mother raising her children

with help from her mom.

Ever since she was laid off from the factory,

Layla says they've missed a lot of meals.

Several times, she's had to beg a neighbor to hire her.


that I did not have any food to give to my children.

I asked her to let me wash clothes and clean her house.

NARRATOR: Layla's income on average is only about $50

a month.

8-year-old Jaiyer knows how tough things are,

so he doesn't mind pitching in to help.

JAIYER THROUGH INTERPRETER: I like to go to the hills

to pick firewood with my grandma.

That gives us money to buy some food.

NARRATOR: Then one morning, Jaiyer's

older brother Eduardo was so weak from not eating,

that he fainted at school.

Jaiyer panicked.

JAIYER THROUGH INTERPRETER: I didn't realize he had fainted.

I felt he was dying.

I was so scared, I started to cry.

NARRATOR: A short time later, Operation Blessing

learned that the family was starving

and provided some help.

We gave Layla and her mom everything

needed to make tortillas and tamales to sell.

Every day, Layla and her mom make a large number

of tortillas and prepare corn flour dough for the tamales.

After school, the boys help their mom

to sell them on their new bicycle, another gift

from Operation Blessing.


loves Mom's tortillas, and we usually sell all of them.

NARRATOR: The family now earns $200 a month, sometimes more.

And Jaiyer has never gone to school hungry again.


for helping my mom, and thanks for my new bike.


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