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Sad to See Grandparents Suffer

Eleven-year-old Snow and her brother were raised by their hardworking grandparents. When the couple lost their jobs they struggled for enough work to feed their little family. Someone was watching Grandma and Grandpa and helped them just in time! Read Transcript

FEMALE (VOICEOVER): Grandma Jiang and Grandpa Soon

didn't think twice about taking in their grandkids.

The children had been abandoned by their drug-addicted mother.

Grandma and Grandpa were able to provide for them until they

both lost their jobs.

When we lost our jobs, we had nothing to eat.

I went from farm to farm, hauling sacks

of fries and feed.

Sometimes my wife helps me to collect bamboo leaves

in the jungle to sell.

When I see my grandparents working so hard,

I feel sorry for them.

I know they want me and Ok to have a better life.

FEMALE (VOICEOVER): Then the couple's motorcycle broke down,

and even the small amount of money they earned dried up.

So CBN's Orphan's Promise stepped in

and repaired their motorcycle, so they

can transport vegetables and bamboo leaves to market.

Then we gave them a cow and a calf

to start a livestock business.

They're expecting another calf any day.

My life was falling apart.

But when Orphan's Promise saw our needs,

they valued us and supported us.

What they have done for us goes beyond words.

FEMALE (VOICEOVER): The whole family

was so encouraged that they prayed to become Christians.

I am so excited to know Jesus as my Savior

and to worship Him.

I never miss church and Bible study.

Now I know that God cares for us.

Thank you, Orphan's Promise for helping my family.



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