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News on The 700 Club: January 26, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," Jan. 26: Grand Jury indicts leader behind undercover videos on Planned Parenthood; ISIS builds fake Passport 'industry,' may now be in US; Brody File Exclusive: Ted Cruz invokes "Messiah Complex" ... Read Transcript


Well welcome to the 700 Club.

A Texas grand jury investigating Planned Parenthood

has delivered a surprising decision.

It indicted two of the people behind those undercover videos

last year.

Heather Sells has the story on this unexpected turn of events.

HEATHER SELLS: The horrific undercover footage

shows the video makers posing as prospective buyers

of fetal tissue.

They are talking with top level Planned Parenthood

executives about buying aborted body parts.

The videos allege that Planned Parenthood sold them

for profit, a violation of federal law.

Released this past summer, the footage

sparked outrage among many people across the country.

It was amazing that they were able to capture

the very gruesomeness of these procedures.

A Houston grand jury however, now

says that Planned Parenthood did not violate the law,

but that the makers of the video did.

They just charged two of them with tampering

with a government record, which is a felony

and has not released any other details.

One of those charged, David Daleiden,

responded to the indictments by saying

that he used the same undercover techniques

as investigative journalists and that he followed the law.

Daleiden is the founder of the Center for Medical Progress,

which made the videos.

The governor of Texas says the indictments will not

affect the state's investigation of the videos.

Other states are investigating Planned Parenthood as well.

And Southern Baptist leader, Russell Moore,

is calling the indictments complete corruption.

He notes that one of the prosecutors in the Harris

County District Attorney's office

has been a Planned Parenthood board member since 2013.

Heather Sells CBN news.

Well I have to say, we didn't see this one coming

and then talk about a complete reversal.

You don't indict unless the prosecutors in front

of the grand jury are asking for the indictments,

and so that's what's going on here.

And why, I don't know.

We will find out in the trial.

And in that trial, hopefully we can find out

were these videos altered like the allegations

that Planned Parenthood is making.

Were they substantially altered or are

they real videos of what Planned Parenthood employees were


Well in other news, ISIS could be using fake passports

to get into America and launch deadly terrorist attacks.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN news

bureau in Washington.


That's right, Gordon.

ISIS has created its own fake passport industry.

That warning came from the French interior minister


And ABC news is reporting US Homeland Security also

is warning that ISIS may have already used

fake passports here in the United States--

to enter the United States, rather.

Officials believe ISIS can produce

them using blank passports and a passport machine captured

in Syria.

Two of the Paris terrorists used false passports

to enter Europe through Greece.

Well less than a week before the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump

and Ted Cruz hoped to overtake the other by winning

the coveted Evangelical vote.

CBN news gained exclusive access inside two private meetings

between Senator Cruz and key Iowa pastors.

And if Donald wins Iowa, he right now

has a substantial lead in New Hampshire.

If he went on to win New Hampshire as well,

there's a very good chance he could be unstoppable and be

our nominee.

There is only one campaign that can beat Trump in this state.

And if conservatives simply stand up and unite,

that's everything.

JOHN JESSUP: Afterward, Cruz sat down with CBN news

and seemed to take a shot at Trump's ego.

This election is not about any one person.

Any one individual who believes he or she will make

America great, you know what?

For seven years, we've had a president

the White House who has had a messiah complex.

You can watch more of the interview

and see that exclusive footage from inside the pastors meeting

on the Brody file at

World leaders need to take the threat of killer robots


That was the warning delivered by a group of experts

to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last week.

The military could use killer robots

to track down and kill people without being

guided by human beings.

Those robots don't exist yet, but the technology

to build them is being developed in countries around the world.

Some could be human or animal sized or extremely tiny--

the size of an insect, capable of moving exceedingly fast.

The experts warn they could be as deadly as nuclear weapons

and need to be regulated now before an arms race begins.

And Gordon, of course, to keep them out

of the hands of terrorists.

I'm more interested in keeping them out

of the hands of governments.

And we already have killer drones

roaming the sky that can rain down death

at the push of a button, but imagine an autonomous robot

being on the loose.

This is the stuff of science fiction.

We've seen these kinds of things in movies,

and it never turns out right.

Why in the world would we try to invent them?

Let's regulate governments and say governments

shouldn't be doing this.

This is not-- should not be part of any future warfare.


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