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Dodging Speeding Traffic For Water

A dangerous highway separated the Cholou’s school from its water supply, a public well. The 8th-grade student ran in front of speeding vehicles several times a day to get water for the school garden and sanitation. See how someone stepped ... ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Every morning before school, Cholou faithfully

waters the vegetable garden his eighth grade class has planted.

There's only one problem, in order

to collect water for the garden, Cholou

has to walk two miles round trip to the water source.

He makes that trip four times a day,

walking a total of eight miles.

Cholou has to collect water because the tank that

held rain water for the school was destroyed during a typhoon.

So CBN came and dug a deep well for the school.

Now Cholou and the other children

have all the clean water they need to drink and to use

for the vegetable garden.

INTERPRETER: And more water is helping the plants grow faster.

NARRATOR: Cholou is excited because he

knows that, when the vegetables are grown,

he and his classmates will be able to sell

them to buy books and school supplies for everyone.

INTERPRETER: I am grateful to CBN, who

gave us this well at school.

Thank you very much.


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