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Set a Solid Foundation for Your Money

Ralph and Laura have done very well financially. After success as employees, they started multiple successful businesses of their own. Find out their secret to solid finances. Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Ralph and Laura Scarola

are the owners of Tables in Stone.

They design and create custom stone, metal,

and glass products of all kinds.

Sometimes I get here at 6 o'clock in the morning

and leave at 6:30.

I love every minute of it.

NARRATOR: Before going into business for themselves,

Ralph worked in construction, overseeing

multimillion dollar building projects throughout New York


The iconic buildings, yes.

Ralph has worked in all of them almost.

NARRATOR: That experience gave Ralph the foundation

to start their first business, preparing concrete surfaces

on construction projects.

But they say it was applying the financial principles

in Pat Robertson's book "The Secret Kingdom" that

brought them success, starting with the law of reciprocity.

You give and it's given unto you.

That's one of the first principles that Pat speaks of.

NARRATOR: From the start, they tithed and gave

from everything they made, which included

their ongoing support of CBN.

So the next year, business just started multiplying.

Contacts, customers, job offers, it just multiplied.

NARRATOR: After 17 years, the Scarolas

sold their business at a profit and opened Tables in Stone.

When the Lord gives to you, the purpose of increasing you

is naturally to give to others.

NARRATOR: That's why Ralph and Laura have supported CBN

since they married, to be a part of God's work around the world

and close to home.

RALPH: I was actually in New York City on 9/11,

and I remember that CBN was the first people to react.

LAURA: Any time there's a disaster,

Operation Blessing is there.

They're there nationally, they're there internationally.

They have food, they have supplies, they have medicine.

They provide housing.

When there was a need for orphans,

they started Orphans' Promise.

RALPH: I like "Superbook" because it's an incredible tool

to reach out to children.

The way that they're produced is phenomenal.

I just don't know of a better organization or ministry

that you could possibly sew into.

NARRATOR: The Scarolas encourage everyone

to trust God and give according to his principles.

Everything's the Lord's.

He's allowing you to keep the 90%,

and if you understand that principle,

God is going to bless you and open the door for you.


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