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Back-To-School Single Mom

After returning to school to give her family a better future, Dana spends 45-50 hours a week studying—often doing homework alongside her kids! Discover how this hardworking mother is able to accomplish the impossible. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Dana Kuchta works hard to raise her three

children alone.

When Dana's husband became abusive, she took her kids

and left.

As a single mother, she makes every penny count

but sometimes there just isn't enough to make ends meet.

Our expenses right now are only necessities.

I still worry about being able to pay

the electric bill every month.

Whenever I feel the pressure of finances,

I always turn to the Lord.

NARRATOR: She knew she needed to provide her family's future,

so Dana prayed.

DANA KUCHTA: I really felt that the Lord

wanted me to go back to school full time

and get a college degree.

NARRATOR: She's pursuing a degree in family science

that will help her help others.

In addition to being a full-time student,

Dana is dedicated to making sure her children are

successful in school.

They really enjoy it when I sit down

and I do my homework side by side and we all get together

and we do homework together.

NARRATOR: She also volunteers at Operation Blessing Partner Big

Reach as part of her school curriculum,

but God had a bigger plan when her school

assignment of volunteering turned into a blessing

for her whole family.

DANA KUCHTA: While I was volunteering there,

I was also in need of food.

I prayed about it for a while and God

was more than happy for me to take advantage of the food

at Big Reach and Operation Blessing.

I think I cried for two or three days after I left the parking

lot for the first time because I was so overwhelmed with love

and people cared enough about me to give that to me.

NARRATOR: Her children were especially excited.

DANA KUCHTA: Bringing that food home to my children

was a day I will absolutely never forget.


They were literally jumping up and down like I just

brought a new TV home.

NARRATOR: Operation Blessing and Big Reach

are helping Dana pursue her dreams of providing a better

future for her family.

DANA KUCHTA: I would like to say a beautiful

and heartfelt thank you to all of the donors

and all of the supporters of the 700 Club and Operation Blessing

because they have truly made a profound impact on my life

of helping me and my children.

NARRATOR: Most of all, Dana thanks God.

He has been faithful to me every month.

I know he's going to take care of me.

I know he's going to take care of the children.

I know he's going to take care of us.


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