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Get the Financial Freedom You Always Hoped For

Gloria survived a difficult divorce but relied on credit cards to pay the bills. After a special study on finances, she learned valuable lessons to take control of her money. Find out what she learned Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Working in sales and marketing

is a perfect fit for Gloria Allen.

What I love to do is engage with people

and develop relationships.

NARRATOR: While Gloria always seemed

to have a knack for closing the deal,

she didn't know how to control her spending.

GLORIA ALLEN: I saw it and if I had the money for it, I got it.

I had no idea how to handle success.

NARRATOR: Throughout her career, Gloria

always had what she needed.

Then in 2007, she and her husband

separated and he moved out of state.

Hoping to reconcile, Gloria followed.

For two years, she poured herself and her money

into trying to save the marriage.

GLORIA ALLEN: It was clear that the marriage was not

going to work.

The investment in the legal part of completing that

was overwhelming.

NARRATOR: Once the divorce settled,

Gloria was thousands of dollars in debt.

Her attorney's fees, moving and living expenses,

and credit cards.

GLORIA ALLEN: I was also very angry

that all the work I had done in all the years I had lived

and I had nothing to show for it.

I had $29 left of everything.

It looked like climbing Mount Everest.

It felt like I was standing before a mountain I

had no idea how I was ever going to climb.

NARRATOR: Desperate for answers, Gloria watched the 700 Club

for inspiration.

The 700 Club was the antidote for my depression.

It was the truth.

And it was presented in such a way

that I could understand it and apply it biblically.

And that was huge to me.

And I was watching, and it was during one of the telethons.

Then the crawler with the people who had given in-- I

wanted to be one of those people.

NARRATOR: Gloria joined the 700 Club.

She also took a course on biblical finances

and got on a budget.

She worked with her creditors to pay off her debts.

Before long she landed a new sales and marketing

job where she thrived.

GLORIA ALLEN: Now there was favor coming

and it felt like a direct result of the generosity coming

from me.

NARRATOR: And with her spending under control,

she was able to increase her pledge to CBN

and is now a 2500 Club member.

NARRATOR: For me, the more I give the more I want to give.

And not because I expect something in return,

but it's a love language.

And that means we are givers just like the Father is.


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