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End Your Arguments About Money

Pete and Sarah got behind on their house payments, struggled to pay bills, and argued a lot about money. After a defining moment in his life, Pete learned exactly what he needed to do. See what turned their finances around. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Pete Arciniega is most at home in the ring.

He's been coaching for over 20 years

and trains the next generation of fighters

at his gym in Lockhart, Texas.

PETE: I boxed for the Marine team,

and then I coached the Marine Corps boxing team.

And so it's what I love to do.

NARRATOR: Just a few years ago, Pete and his wife Sarah

were having clashes of their own about money.

The arguments escalated when Sarah

wanted to start tithing to their church.

SARAH: I guess it was a conviction that I was feeling.

We have to give to the church.

NARRATOR: The couple was struggling just

to pay their bills and Pete was conflicted about what to do.

PETE: I wrestled with a lot of what I knew was right.

She was right-- let's tithe.

And I wasn't there.

I wasn't there and she was, and I

think God was trying to use her to get me to that point.

NARRATOR: Reaching that point would take time.

It started when he was let go from his job in 2007.

SARAH: We got behind in our house payment a few months,

and we were every month having notices

on our door about our electricity.

There was a lot of worry there.

NARRATOR: It was their church who came through

with financial gifts to help the couple

through that difficult time.

PETE: At that point, I realized that, you know what,

there's good people out there.

We need to start being the same way.

NARRATOR: So when Pete landed a new job in an aerospace

manufacturing plant, he agreed to start tithing as long

as they had the extra money.

I was still trying to kind of be in charge of things,

you know.

I wasn't just quite ready to let go

of everything, specially money, because we were recovering.

NARRATOR: Then in 2011 a friend gave Pete a trip to Israel.

Pete says while walking in the footsteps of Jesus the Lord

spoke to his heart.

You go back home and you start living for Me.

And you start giving to Me first.

You start doing all those things.

Put Me first, period.

And that did it.

That did it.

I mean, it was that simple.

NARRATOR: Once Pete and Sarah started

tithing faithfully and consistently,

their finances turned around.

Because what she was saying was truth.

God always does it.

Somehow someway.

I give, He just pours back in.

I mean we're in good standing.

I look at my credit now, it's in good standing everywhere.

There's no more of the arguing about the money.

And that was our biggest argument.

NARRATOR: Since then they've also become CBN partners.

PETE: When I saw CBN I said, man this is so cool.

They help everybody.

They have their hand in everything.

Every kind of ministry, whether it's here in the United States

or whether it's outside in a different part of the world.

NARRATOR: Now Pete and Sarah have

peace in their relationship.

PETE: We're best friends.

We hang out at the gym together.

We're tight.

We're tight.

It's a huge difference.


From where we where.

We gotta understand this-- the Lord is

the one with the bank account.

He doesn't need our money.

We need Him.

He just wants an opportunity to see our heart.

And if we bless Him, well he's going

to do what any good father would do--

He'll bless His child back.


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