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News on The 700 Club: January 29, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," Jan. 29: Trump's absence looms large during Republican debate; UN warns Zika Virus spreading explosively in the Americas; and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome to the 700 Club.

The Republican presidential candidates

made their final pitch to the voters of Iowa

last night in the last presidential debate

before Monday's caucuses.

And one of the biggest topics was immigration.

The front runner, Donald Trump, wasn't on stage,

but his presence was still there.

David Brody brings us the story from Des Moines, Iowa.

DAVID BRODY: The debate stage look different

this time around.

Donald Trump stayed away because of what

he calls bias against him by Fox News and moderator,

Megyn Kelly.

As a consolation, top-tier candidate, Ted Cruz,

gave his best Trump impersonation.

I'm a maniac.

And everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly.

And, Ben, you're a terrible surgeon.

Now that we've gotten the Donald Trump portion out of the way--

DAVID BRODY: Just a few miles down the road,

Trump held his own event dedicated to veterans.

Joining him, fellow candidates, Mike Huckabee

and Rick Santorum, who didn't make the main stage.

And I didn't want to be here, I have to be honest.

I wanted to be about five minutes away.

You have to stick up for your rights.

When you are treated badly, you have

to stick up for your rights.

DAVID BRODY: His loyal supporters

back Trump's boycott.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: I think it's wonderful.

Instead of listening to them and being at the other debate,

which would probably be just a circus.

And to honor the veterans and all that he did here tonight

is much more wonderful.

DAVID BRODY: Back at the debate, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul

took shots at Ted Cruz's credibility, especially

on immigration.

He is the king of saying, oh, you're for amnesty.

Everybody's for amnesty except for Ted Cruz.

But it's a falseness.

And that's an authenticity problem.

The truth is, Ted, throughout this campaign,

you've been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes.

Marco made the choice to go the direction of the major donors.

To support amnesty because he thought it

was politically advantageous.

I honored my commitments.

And as president, I will honor every commitment

that I make to the men and women of this country.

The chaos between the Republican debate and the Trump

rally could have a major impact.

That's because about one third of Iowa voters,

according to a new poll, say they

could change their mind before the big caucus vote on Monday.

David Brody, CBN News in Des Moines,

Iowa, at the GOP Debate.

Well, we're all looking forward to that final poll

at the end of the caucus.

That will be the one that decides it.

Well, John Jessup has the rest of our top stories from our CBN

News Bureau in Washington.


Thanks, Gordon.

The World Health Organization is sounding

the alarm over the Zica Virus.

The biggest concern is for pregnant women,

because their babies could suffer serious birth defects.

The WHO says Zica is spreading explosively in the Americas

and estimates four million people could be infected

by the end of the year.

The reason for the focus on pregnant women

is a sharp rise in the number of cases of microcephaly-- infants

born with abnormally small heads and damaged brains because

of the virus.

We'll have more on this story next week on the 700 Club.

A new study shows many pastors confess

they're struggling with pornography

or have struggled with it in the past.

The Barna Group says more than half of pastors

have battled porn, and almost 2/3 of youth pastors

have a problem with it now.

The vast majority say it has negatively

affected their ministries.

Israel is beefing up security in Judea and Samaria

because Jewish settlements there, recently,

have become targets for Palestinian terrorists.

They've killed two women in separate attacks,

including a mother of six, who was

murdered defending her home.

More than 400,000 Israelis live in 150 communities

in what's known to many as the occupied West Bank.

Beit Horon is the third settlement hit by terrorists.

It was founded in 1977 where the biblical town of the same name

was located.

A resident and first responder there

says it's part of the divine inheritance

of the Jewish people.

This land has belonged to us since the Bible.

Yes, we were evicted, thrown out of our land,

very brutally dispersed among the nations.

But all through the thousands of years, every prayer,

no matter where the Jew is in the world,

he talks about the return to Zion.

To our eternal homeland.


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