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Bring It On-Line: Asking For Advice

A woman in my church only spends time with men and is constantly asking me for advice. I keep telling her that she should go talk to another woman because it would be safer, and that it is inappropriate for a man to counsel a woman. What else ... Read Transcript

Well, it's time to "Bring It On" with your e-mail questions.

And so, Pat, this first one comes from Paul who says,

"A woman in my church only spends time with men

and is constantly asking me for advice.

I keep telling her that she should go talk to another woman

because it would be safer, and that it's

inappropriate for a man to counsel a woman.

What else can I say to help her see this?"

Well, she has got an inordinate desire to have male company.

She probably doesn't even know what it is that she's doing.

Now, she might want a father figure,

she might want a husband, she might want a lover.

I don't know what she wants, but it's masked in this idea, well,

please give me some advice.

Now, the idea that a man can't counsel a woman,

I can't-- that's not in the Bible,

because many pastors are men and they have to counsel women.

So that's nothing wrong with that.

But in this case, this woman has got a problem

and she needs to have somebody deal with it.

And more than anything, she obviously needs a husband.

That's what she's looking for.

But believe me, some poor male is

going to find himself ensnared by this woman

and the next thing you know, his marriage

is going to get broken up and she's going to ruin his life.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: So when he says, "What else can I

say to help her see this," really, all he can do

is keep himself out of the fray, right?

PAT ROBINSON: Well, what he's got to do

is say, listen, you know, I appreciate you,

you're a sister in the Lord, but I can not do this.

I am a married man, I am given to my wife.

And I ask you, please go to the pastor

or go to some professional, not me.


This is Sherry who says, "Can Satan

use Christians to attack other Christians?

I feel like I'm coming under attack from some people,

but they're Christians and so am I."

PAT ROBINSON: Well, be careful what you name Satan.

Yes, Satan can use other Christians.

He can put into people's minds to do things.

But a lot of this is just plain, old, ordinary meanness,

and it's just human nature coming against you.



So is it satanic?

I don't know, but I would start off thinking,

these people are just being mean because they're just mean.




You know?

Just because they're labeled Christians doesn't necessarily

mean they're walking the walk.

PAT ROBINSON: Just pray for them.

OK, this is Jennifer who says, "I

am a born-again Christian and using acupuncture

for relief of tendinitis.

I am wondering if there can be spiritual implications

with acupuncture.

I want to be pleasing to the Lord

and not do something that has negative spirits involved."

You know, the Chinese believe in something

called Qi, which they think is a life force that

runs throughout your body.

And if they put these little--

Needles or--

Acupuncture needles, they can intercept some of the life

force and rechannel it.

I have seen some rather remarkable things.

If you look at that as medicine, well, it's a type of medicine,


I have horses, one particular very nice horse, and that horse

has an acupuncturist.


They stick needles in the horse.

And has it worked?

Yes, it works.

Oh, the horse loves it.

Well, they're kind of stimulating nerve endings,

aren't they?

They're little nerve passages, I mean, the muscles contract--


And you have little blockages in the nerves

and these little needles break them lose.

So, but if you look at that and think,

I'm going to make a religion out of it, bad news.

It's kind of like yoga, in a sense.

Like, yoga's just stretching--

PAT ROBINSON: Stretching, but if you're going to say a mantra

and you're going to start calling on Hindu gods

and things like that, no way.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: OK, this is Phyllis

who says, "I'm 50, married for 29 years,

have raised three children, and now have four grandchildren.

My husband asked me not to work from the beginning,

but I did off and on throughout our marriage.

I've been looking for work to help with our finances,

but nothing yet.

I absolutely love being married.

Is it possible that being a wife and mother may be my purpose?"

PAT ROBINSON: Absolutely.

It's the most important job of all.

I mean, you're raising children.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: And now grandchildren.

Ruth Graham said there's no, including evangelism,

there's no calling more important than being a mother.

My goodness, you can influence the next generation.


So you've done well.

Don't fight it, if you've got enough money.

If you need a little money to supplement

and you want to do work part time or something, by all

means, if it doesn't cause domestic discord.

But don't feel badly because you are a wife and a mother.

God bless you.

That is a great calling.

All right.



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