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Bring It On-Line: Holy Spirit

Will we go to heaven without the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Will just saying the Sinner's Prayer be enough? My friend told me she can see ghosts-Is that biblically okay? What does the Bible say about age difference in dating and marriage? Do ... Read Transcript


Well, we want to take a few minutes

to answer some of your email questions

as we bring it on today.

This first one comes from Denise, who says,

"will we go to heaven without the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Will just saying the Sinner's Prayer be enough?"

If anybody is in Christ, he's a new creation.

All things are passed away.

Behold, all has become new.

He that hears my word and believes

on him who sent me has everlasting life

and shall not come into the Judgment

but is passed from death into life.

That's what the Bible says.

It doesn't say anything in there about being

baptised in the Holy Spirit.

He believes, you know, me in him who

sent me has everlasting life.

The minute you are born again, you're

in on the express for New Jerusalem, so count on it.

What else?

This is Becky who says, "my friend told me

she can see ghosts-- is that biblically OK?"

Not to my knowledge.

They had people that had so-called familiar spirits.

These were like Auntie Mame and so forth.

And these spirits would replicate the people

who were alive, but they're demonic.

I don't think of any Christian needs

to be in touch with ghosts and departed

spirits and all this stuff.

I don't think it's Uncle George or Auntie Mame

or any of those people.

I think they're demons masquerading rating as people,

and it's not good.

What else?

This is John who says, "what does

the Bible say about age difference in dating

and marriage?"

Well, there's nothing about dating,

because they didn't date.

They were given by the fathers to prospective husbands

who paid a dowry and all the rest of it.

It was a family affair.

Now, there are some things.

You know, Abraham was 100 and his wife Sarah was 90.

So there was a 10-year difference.

And then later on, you know, the Bible

says David was in his 70s.

And I love that [INAUDIBLE] said he, quote, "get him no heat."

And so he said, well, we haven't got

any of those electric blankets, so we'll find a young virgin

and we'll turn her loose to keep him warm.

But she apparently was married to him,

but he had a stable of wives in those days.

But I don't see there's any problem.

If people are worried about age differences in relationships,

many older men in the Bible were married to young girls.

That's true.

That's the way it was.


This is a viewer who says, "Dear Pat,

I understand that sin is sin, but my question to you

is: do saved Christians have sin on their resume

in the eyes of God?

Does God see the blood when He sees a born-again Christian who

commits sexual sin?

And also I want to know: when we do sin, do we fall into grace?"

"Fall into grace.

That's a nice term.

If we walk in the light as He is in the light,

we have fellowship with one another

and the blood of Jesus Christ continuously

cleanses us from all sin.

That's the biblical answer.

Our sins are forgiven.

They are placed in the sea of God's forgetfulness.

God doesn't hold against us.

And what is it He said?

He wants us to have a clear conscience

that we were freed from past sins

that we might serve the living God.

God doesn't hold these things against us.

Thank God He doesn't.

So whatever you've been doing, I'm

sure you feel guilty because of it.

Just know that if you confess years your sins, He's faithful

and just to forgive you your sins

and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

That's Bible.

Let's believe him.


That's all the time we have for this for today.

All right.

But thank you.

Well, you know, I met a young man one time,

he was-- his body was-- I mean, his shoulders

were slumped over, his head was hanging,

and I started talking to him and I said, your father told you

you were a loser, didn't he?

And he said, yeah.

And I said, you want to know something?

He said, what's that?

I said, your old man was a liar.

He said, he was?

I said, yes, he was a liar.

God Almighty has got a different plan for you.

In God, you're a winner.


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