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Bring It On-Line: Jesus Scars

I often see pictures/movies that show Jesus' scars on His hands are on His palms. I thought that when we get to heaven that our scars would be healed. Should Jesus' scars also be gone? My church allows people to give tithes via credit cards, ... ... Read Transcript

WENDY GRIFFITH: Welcome back.

We've got your email questions.

And Pat is in the hot seat and he's ready.


Well let's go.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Pat, Suzanne say,

"I often see pictures/movies that

show Jesus' scars on His hands or on His palms.

I thought that when we get to heaven

that our scars would be healed.

Shouldn't Jesus' scars also be gone?"

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, we have one thing in the Bible,

you remember there's a guy named Thomas--

you use the term Doubting Thomas-- and Thomas said,

unless I put my fingers into the nail prints of His hand

or stick my hand into His side, I'm not going to believe.

And suddenly Jesus shows up and He says, OK, Thomas.

Here are my hands, put your finger into the holes.

And don't be a doubter, but believe.

And Thomas did that, fell on his knees

and said, my Lord and my God.

So that was a Resurrection appearance of Jesus.

And He had not been healed of those scars.

So I don't know what the rest of them--

hey you get to heaven, you're supposed to have a new body,

a spiritual body without the accretions of the flesh, so.

I don't know.

But in the case of Jesus, that one instance,

He had those scars for Thomas.

All right?


Well, Lisa says, "I recently married

a wonderful man who has a different parenting

style than I do.

We both brought kids into the marriage

from previous marriages.

While I'm more of a listener and tend to reason with children,

he's more authoritative and unapproachable.

We're having problems compromising our parenting

styles in our efforts to raise our children.

Should I obey my heart or my husband?"

Good question.

PAT ROBERTSON: I think it's time you get

into the heads of those kids.

All right.

You've got a 10-year-old, 11-year-old, 12-year-old child.

And so you've got a guy who's taken his daddy's place.

His daddy used to sleep with you.

And now this new guy comes in and he's sleeping with mama.

And he's trying to boss you around and him around.

And this kid doesn't love this new man, doesn't know him.

I really think your new husband needs to spend a lot of time

just being friends with your children,

and not trying to be a mark in that because if he does,

he's going to drive this kid away.

And if you let him continue, your child

is going to hate you.

And they're going to rebel and the next thing you know,

they're going to be in juvenile detention.

And then they're going to be in the main slammer.

And their lives are going to be ruined.

So the thing is, let the children have a little space.

And you've got to protect your kids.

I mean it's a situation where-- I

know wives should be submissive to their husbands and all

that stuff-- but I really believe

that you need to follow your heart on this one.

And give the children time to accept this man that you

have brought into that family.

And if you don't give them time and you force something,

they're going to hate you for it.

All right?


Good answer.

Well, Derek says, "My church allows

people to give tithes via credit cards,

yet they also advise people to get out of debt.

Isn't this a double standard?"

PAT ROBERTSON: It sure is.

Churches got to realize what they're doing.

I mean, it is so easy.

Well, I have a little card reader in the back.

And you can give me a card and I'll write down your tithe.

But you are teaching people to go into debt.

You're telling them not to and yet you're

saying well, go in debt to give us your money.

Shouldn't do that.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Unless it's like you know,

what everybody uses today, they're

check cards that comes automatically

out of your-- it's like cash?

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, it doesn't matter where it comes from.

I just think that that kind of transaction isn't too good.

But anyhow, there's dissonance, there's dissonance in that.

All right.



Holly says, "What are some obstacles that might prevent me

from being healed?

I need a miracle in my health and want

to make sure I'm not doing anything to block it."

PAT ROBERTSON: Well I think of what Jesus said,

the biggest block is when you stand praying,

if you have ought against any forgive

that the Heavenly Father might forgive you.

If you want to be in a position of having miracles, and being

born again, you have to do what it takes.

And what it takes is forgiving, even as you're

asking God to forgive you.

He said you also forgive others.

That's the biggest thing.

But you may have resentment in your heart towards somebody.

You may have-- who knows, there are a multitude of things.

But that's the biggest one.



John says, "Is it a sin to pray for money?

I really need some help financially.

Is it OK to pray that God will prosper me and not

feel badly about it?"

PAT ROBERTSON: Well look at what John said,

I would that you prosper and be in health even

as your soul prospers.

The word about prosperity is all over the Bible,

all over the Bible.

And there is nothing wrong to pray--

the Lord said, in the Lord's Prayer, "Give us this day

our daily bread."

Well bread's money.

And so every day you're asking for the sustenance

of your life.

So is it a sin to do that?

Well, not unless the Lord was sinning when

He gave us the Lord's Prayer.

That's what it says.

So, let's follow Him and not worry about what

somebody else tells you.

WENDY GRIFFITH: That's right.

The slang word for bread-- or for money was bread.


You know I've got some bread.


WENDY GRIFFITH: And then Jabez said, Lord bless me.

PAT ROBERTSON: That's right.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Bless me in deed, you know?

Prosper me.

PAT ROBERTSON: "The Prayer of Jabez,"

that's sold lot of copies for the man that put that together.

So good to be with you, Wendy.

Thanks for being here.

And let me thank you ladies and gentlemen for all your prayers.

Well, we leave you with today's Power Minute from Proverbs 28

"A faithful man will abound with blessings."


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