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News on The 700 Club: February 4, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," Feb. 4: Obama speaks at US Mosque said to have links to terrorism; Terror group Al-Shabab suspected in Somalia plane blast; Dems tout Liberal chops as Cruz under fire for Iowa tactics; and more. Read Transcript

Welcome ladies and gentlemen.

It gets curiouser and curiouser, but anyhow,

we've got the big event coming up on Sunday.

And I'm going to tell you today how much one 30 second spot is

going to cost an advertiser in the Superbowl.

It will boggle your mind.

In addition, our worthy President

went to a mosque that is in league with a group that

believes that Jihad is the way and the-- well,

Sharia law is the rule and the book is the Koran.

And he wanted to talk about tolerance.

And he's spoken out to encourage people of faith.

He wants to encourage the Muslim faith.

He made those remarks at a mosque,

and as I said earlier, one that has

ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The President's been trying to improve relations

between Muslims and the United States,

but not everyone believes he's been successful.

Jennifer Wishon brings us the story.

JENNIFER WISHON: It was a big deal when President Obama's

motorcade pulled up to the Islamic Society just

outside of Baltimore.

Hand picked Muslims from New York to LA

scored a private talk with the President

on what it's like to be Muslim in America.

Our television shows should have some Muslin characters

that are unrelated to national security.

JENNIFER WISHON: The President, whose drawn criticism

for using words like violent extremism instead

of radical Islam, says changing his words

won't solve any problems.

This is not a clash of civilizations

between the West and Islam.

This is a struggle between the peace-loving overwhelming

majority of Muslims around the world

and a radical tiny minority.

JENNIFER WISHON: He told Muslims they should never

feel like they don't belong in the USA.

In these answer in times, some of us

might find ourselves doubting where we fit in this society.

Personally, this visit by our President

is an affirmation to all Muslims,

we are just as American as any other.

The President's mosque visit was

timely as many Muslim Americans report

feeling marginalized as concerns about the Islamic State grow.

But security experts, and even some Muslims,

wonder why the President chose this particular mosque.

For 17 years, you had an Iman at this mosque who later became

the regional director of an organization that

was named by Treasury a specially

designated terrorist organization that contributed

funds to Osama Bin Laden.

And I don't think he's ever been denounced.

And you have, as I understand it,

an Imam serving there right now who

has said things about homosexuality

that I guarantee you, if those remarks had been said

in a church or a synagogue, President Obama

would not set foot there.

JENNIFER WISHON: The mosque also has

ties to groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, which have often

been criticized by opponents of radical Islam.

By choosing to visit it, May says

the President may embolden such groups

and frustrate Muslims working to root out Islamism, which

is a movement to impose Sharia law and other Islamic

traditions on the West.


JENNIFER WISHON: Improving relations between the US

and Muslim world has been a priority of President Obama

from the beginning, some would argue at the expense of how

he's portrayed America.

I think a lot of Christians, and others,

are a little bit disconcerted that he

seems to have an apologetic tone about America towards Islam

as though America has mistreated Islam, or Muslims, when,

in fact, America is a land of great liberty and freedom

for Muslims and for all people.

JENNIFER WISHON: For a good part of his presidency,

Obama has fought beliefs that he worships Allah.

Thomas Jefferson's opponents tried to stir things up

by suggesting he was a Muslim.

So I was not the first.

JENNIFER WISHON: While he denounced Muslim bias,

the President also told Muslims they have a duty

to reject extreme ideologies.

To use a little Christian expression,

let your let your light shine.

JENNIFER WISHON: And if frustration sets in,

he cautioned Muslims against choosing a life of extremism.

Don't respond to ignorance by embracing a world view that

suggests you must choose between your faith and your patriotism.

JENNIFER WISHON: And as Americans

continue to fight terrorism--

We are fighting an ideology that is based on a theology.

And that-- we find that awkward.

JENNIFER WISHON: Jennifer Wishon, CBN News.

You know, the Muslim Brotherhood

was in charge for a time in Egypt,

and the Egyptian people wanted no part of it,

and they overthrew it.

And el-Sisi's government has come in very much pro Western

and in line with a number of the things we believe.

The United States government has really

refused to embrace the el-Sisi government in Egypt

preferring, apparently, to the side

with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now just, ladies and gentlemen, the Brotherhood

sponsored and spawned the Palestine Liberation


The Muslim Brotherhood sponsored the radical group, Hezbollah,

in Lebanon.

The Muslim Brotherhood has said Jihad is our way.

The Koran is our book.

Sharia is our governing law.

And so the President goes to a mosque

that somehow is in tune with the Muslim Brotherhood.

It sounds so benign, doesn't it, the Brotherhood.

You think, oh, that's sweet.

It's kind of like the Masons.

No it's not.

No it's not.

It's the radical cover of some of the most

vicious groups in the world.

They were probably the ones who are

responsible for the slaughter, the murder, of Anwar Sadat

some years ago in Egypt.

But anyhow, that's the way we've got a President,

Barack Hussein Obama.

Well, government officials suspect

that radical Islam is responsible for an explosion

of a passenger jet in Somalia.

John Jessop has that story.

Thanks Pat.

The blast took place when the airliner was already in flight

killing one person.

And experts believe a bomb may have caused it.

Dale Hurd has the story.

DALE HURD: A mystery explosion at 11,000 feet.

Cellphone videos showing a hole in the side

of the plane's cabin, the result of an explosion

soon after takeoff from Somalia's capital Mogadishu.

AWALE KULLANE: We saw a hole in the plane,

and the first thing you worry about is can we really make it?

DALE HURD: The explosive force and rapid depressurization

sucked a passenger in the window seat out of the aircraft.

The body of an older man was found on the ground

some 18 miles from the airport.

Two other passengers were injured.

AWALE KULLANE: I think for the first few seconds and minutes,

there was a-- I was terrified and most people were terrified.

DALE HURD: The Airbus A321 headed to Djibouti

was forced to land minutes after taking off.

No group has claimed responsibility for the blast,

but Somalia is home to the Muslim terrorist group,

Al-Shabaab, which has carried out many deadly attacks

across the nation.

And some US government experts believe

the group which is affiliated with Al Qaeda

was behind the explosion.

Counter-terrorism officials are now

concerned that Al-Shabaab has stepped up its game.

It has figured out how to get bombs onto airliners.

Somali officials say foreign technical experts

have been called in to try to figure out what happened.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

Thanks Dale.

The two remaining democratic presidential candidates

are fighting over who's best to advance the liberal agenda

with socialist Bernie Sanders questioning just

how progressive Hillary Clinton really is.

Tonight's show down is the final debate

between Clinton and Sanders before the New Hampshire

primary where Sanders is favored to win.

Meanwhile, Ben Carson and Donald Trump

are lashing out at Ted Cruz over his win in Iowa.

Trump accuses Cruz of stealing this week's vote saying Cruz

only one because his team told Iowa voters,

Carson was about to quit the race.

Cruz later called Carson to apologize

saying his team got the report from CNN,

and Cruz fired back at Trump saying,

he doesn't trust the billionaires finger

on the nuclear button.

This comes as the GOP field shrinks with Rand Paul and Rick

Santorum dropping out, and now Senator Santorum

endorsing Marco Rubio.

Well, if you're like a lot of people,

you won't be tuning into the Superbowl

this Sunday just to watch the game.

You'll also be paying close attention to those commercials.

The ads have become a big part of the broadcast

when viewers watch intently to rate

which ones are their favorites.

But those commercials don't come cheap.

This year they've hit a record high price

again at a whopping $5 million just

for a 30 second national spot.

Some analysts say it's worth it considering many viewers

look forward to the commercials as well as the game itself.

Pat, in your opinion, is the $5 million

investment worth that cost?

You'd have to have a stomach of cast iron

to lay that kind of money down for 30 seconds, 30 seconds

is over just like that.

And you've blown $5 million.

So to have a decent showing on there,

you have to have probably 10 of them,

so you're looking at 10 times $5 million

now to get a decent play.

I mean, it-- yet advertisers stand in line and CBS,

I believe, has got it and they're

going to really cash in.

I mean, this is a big deal, and they're taking it.

But you just wonder at what point will the consumer

and the advertiser say that's all.

We can't stand it any longer.

Well, and you wonder, it's one thing

to have your commercial talked about for a brief period

of time.

It's another to know whether sales actually

are impacted by that or not.

Well, apparently they are or they wouldn't work.

But that's the only time you can get a reach of that magnitude.

I mean there's nothing else you can buy,

but to lay out $5 million in a 30 second pop.

Just think of it.

I mean $5 million dollars.

And then you have two of them, that's $10 million.

And then you have three of them, it's $15 million,

and you have four of them, it's $20 million.


That gets to be a serious money after a while.

Yea, that is serious money, yes.

My goodness.

All right.


Well, hopefully they're worth the watch, right?


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