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Healed in a Moment

A car accident left Shelley Herrman with pain & limited mobility in her shoulder. Doctors told her the only solution would be surgery. But her church prayed & God healed her. Read Transcript

I was in an auto accident.

The airbags deployed and pinned my arm.

And it dislocated my shoulder at that time.

I think I was in shock for the most part.

I noticed about two three days later was when I really started

have a lot of pain and noticed that I had no mobility

it all in my shoulder.

So I just figured I was just going to be sore.

So I just hoped, I guess, that it would get better.

And we did physical therapy for a little while.

And it was not getting any better.

It made a lot of things very, very difficult.

I wasn't even able to pick my kids up.

I couldn't lift anything.

I couldn't move my arm up over my head at all.

I mean, I could barely go about this far.

And then it was just excruciating.

Just putting on my shirt in the morning was a task.

No, until I was released by my doctor

I wasn't even allowed to show up on call.

Because I mean, I could hold the clipboard on scene

and do minor little things.

But if something happened on scene and a patient got sicker

or we had to do any kind of CPR, I

wouldn't have been able to help.

I would've just been standing there or in the way more

than I was helping.

And my chiropractor had referred me to my primary care

doctor for an MRI.

When he read the MRI, he said that I had had a labral tear

and my rotator cuff was torn.

And then he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon

for further consult. He said that surgery was the only way

to repair it, that my shoulder was

slipping in and out of the joint because the labrum was torn.

That's what holds your shoulder socket in.

I was at the Sunday morning service, praise

and worship service.

Ashley, our praise and worship leader,

she started immediately speaking to me, telling me

that God does not want me to be in pain

and that he wants to take this pain away from me.

I knew that it was a message from God.

Everybody gathered around me, laid their hands on me,

and started praying.

And I immediately just felt this sense of peace.

I started feeling this warm sensation.

It started creeping from my fingertips

and just moving up my arm.

And the more that we prayed, the longer that we prayed,

the farther up it went.

There was no more pain.

I could move.

It was just warm, tingly feeling that just

creeped all the way up my arm.

For months I couldn't even raise it over my head.

Before I left there, I was completely moving it around.

I could move it.

I could raise it up.

It was wonderful.

I went, September 15 was my surgical consult follow up.

The next step was surgery.

That's when they revealed the results of the MRI

and they found absolutely nothing.

That was the final confirmation that there was healing.

And I just kept saying, "Praise God.

Thank you."

There's never enough "thank you's,

I don't think, for something like that.

They put me through seven weeks of physical therapy

just to strengthen.

After that, I was back at it.

I shared it with my fire chief.

I just think everybody was glad that I'm back.

And I've been a Christian.

I believe in God and believe in all his miracles.

This was my personal miracle.

Put your faith in God.

Always put your faith in God.

There's nothing he can't do.

He can do anything.

He can heal anybody.

He can heal anything.

I'm living proof that he does.

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