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Celebrating Character, Integrity and Leadership in the NFL

CBN Sports attends the 2016 Super Bowl breakfast featuring the presentation of the Bart Starr Award. This year, Thomas Davis is recognized for outstanding character, integrity and leadership in the home, on the field, and in the community. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: It's become an NFL tradition, the Super Bowl

breakfast, a celebrated gathering of football legends

with faith at the forefront of the event.

Some of those legends were telling stories

from football that just had me in tears.

That's really what we're all about,

helping athletes and coaches tell the story of Jesus.

There's guys here that I watch playing.

I'm in awe of some of these guys.

The Super Bowl breakfast is unique for me

because it's ultimately about the love of Christ.

It's ultimately about the gospel.

NARRATOR: The NFL-sanctioned event

features the coveted Bart Starr Award, presented

to Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis

for best exemplifying outstanding character,

integrity, and leadership.

He had nothing growing up.

He lived in abject poverty.

Raised by a single mother.

On the other hand, he had everything,

because his mother had the proper spiritual foundation

that should she imbued into him.

NARRATOR: The 28th annual breakfast

provided Bay Area businesses with an opportunity

to invite colleagues to hear a biblical message of hope.

You get to the top of the hill--

this is the top of the hill.

You get a Super Bowl ring, and everyone thinks

that solves all your problems.

It doesn't do anything.

It's empty at the top of the hill.

And so we need Christ in our lives.

What moved me today was the public professions of faith

by these men and how they incorporated that

into every aspect of their team.

I'm going to change what I'm doing because of it.

NARRATOR: Storied NFL players, coaches, and even owners

share what links them together and who's legendary to them.

Today was a very special day, a time

when Christ was really honored.

The Super Bowl breakfast, the Athletes in Action breakfast,

is always one of the highlights of Super Bowl weekend.

When you're in the presence of great people,

and the message is about Jesus Christ and our faith,

it's just an awesome time.

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