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Bring It On-Line: Divorce

: I am 14 years old and I'm pretty sure my parents are headed for divorce. They are always fighting about money and my dad is hardly ever home anymore. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only reason they are staying together. Should I tell them I'm ... Read Transcript

Welcome back to "The 700 Club."

It's time for your e-mail questions.

Ally says, "I am 14 years old and I'm

pretty sure my parents are headed for divorce.

They are always fighting about money

and my dad is hardly ever home anymore.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only reason

they're staying together.

Should I tell them I'm afraid?"


You know, I just sympathize with Ally.

A young child depends so much on his or her parents, the mommy

and daddy.

And parents need to understand that the kids don't

want to participate in the fight, like, I'm for daddy

or I'm for mommy.

I love mommy and I love daddy.

And they just can't make a distinction.

They want you to be together, and their life

depends on you being together.

And so of course you can tell them

you're scared that they will get separated.

We had a survey some several years ago, though,

that indicated in America, people

knew the trauma that will take place

in the life of their children, but it didn't matter,

they'd want to get a divorce anyhow.

It didn't matter.

They were going to work out their marriage.

All right.

Alexis says, "Can God's judgment on the world

be avoided or changed by our prayers?"

You know, Jesus talked about the tribulation.

He said, pray that your flight be not on the Sabbath day

or in the winter.

So it seemed to indicate that, by your prayers,

you could avert, at least, the particular timing

on the judgment of God.

God doesn't have to judge the world,

if the world would repent.

But the world is not repenting.

The world is going farther and farther away from the Lord.

And things are rising which are just

anti-Christ in their attitude.

And God is going to judge.

So will our prayers make a difference?

Will it change the timing?

Well, there's some indication that it could,

but who am I to say?

Pat, what about all the prayer movements that

are taking place right now?

Franklin Graham has one, Dutch Sheets has one, Lou Engle--

and they're having these big prayer events this year.

Can things like that turn the tide?

Well, they can and have in the past.

You know, you have a great revival.

When I used to study revival-- although James,

one of the experts on the revival said he's not sure

he found the connection-- but it just

seemed like before there was a visitation of wrath,

that there was revival.

And you look at some of the great revivals.

One took place before the Civil War, another one

before World War I, et cetera.

So I think God wants to give people

a chance to repent before judgment comes.


All right, thanks.

Keith writes in, "With so much violence and terrorist attacks

in the world, what can a Christian

do to prepare while still living a somewhat normal life?

It's only a matter of time before-- or is it only

a matter of time before terror attacks

become a normal thing here in the US?"

I wish it were not the case.

You've got North Korea, just launched

a rocket that will probably be the base for a thermonuclear

attack on the United States.

It would only take a few ships off the coast

with nuclear weapons to do an EMP blast

and it would take all of our power.

I think, frankly, I'm a great fan of generators.

They don't cost that much, and you

could get a generator and a tank to hold propane

or some other kind of fuel, and at least

you'd be able to have some power during some kind of a crisis.

But long range, if our grid goes down,

if these other things go down, it's going to be really tough.

So how do you prepare?

I think sure, a few dried food, some things for emergencies

would be good, and first aid kit, et cetera, flashlights

and stuff.

But I think more than anything, our safety is in Jesus Christ.

It really is.

That's where we need to pray.

And God can do miracles in the midst of all kinds of trouble.

The watchmen watch in vain, don't they, if God's not--

If he didn't watch the house.


All right.

Jan says, "Where did the devil come from

and how much power does he really have over our lives?

Is he omnipresent like God?

Does he have an army of demons that he sends out

to attack Christians?"

Well, he was an angel.

The Bible called him Lucifer, the angel of light.

He talks about the anointed cherub.

He was the highest in the order of angelic beings.

God created these beings and they were in heaven,

and then he led a revolt because he thought he

could do a better job than God.

That's where he came from.

The Bible talks about him sweeping a third of the angels

out of heaven, so these demonic forces are under his control.

Is he omnipresent like God?

I don't think he's omnipresent.

I think that he went with Job, and God came before him--

where have you been?

I've been walking up and down the earth.

So he walks up and down, but that doesn't put him everywhere

at the same time.

That's right, that's right.

Well, that's all the time we've got for those questions.

Thank you for them.

We leave you with today's Power Minute from Jeremiah.

"I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint."


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