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Couple Dedicates Resources to Helping Others

When the Princes retired, they moved to South Africa and invested their lives and resources into helping the poor. Then they saw The 700 Club and became partners so they could help more people. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Paul and Mickey Prince live

in South Africa, where they've got a safari right

in their own backyard.

You can take a walk around the property and see the Impala.

It's like an animal parade every evening.

NARRATOR: After successful careers

with the military and the post office,

the Princes retired and moved to South Africa

to help poor children.

These were children that had scars on their bellies

from dumpster diving.

And we asked ourselves the question, if not us, why

not us?

NARRATOR: It's the same question they asked themselves

when they started watching "The 700 Club" in South Africa.

We just love what you guys do.

You know, you're all over the world.

You're doing the water wells, and the children,

and the surgeries.

And we're doing our little thing in our corner,

but, you know, we just want to help other people, also.

We knew that the more you try to bless,

the more you are blessed.

NARRATOR: So the couple became CBN partners, and, right away,

their own ministry was flooded with donations.

One was for $10,000.

When I saw the email, and all the zeros, I about fell over.

Well, we knew that you can't out-give God.

NARRATOR: The Princes also joined the Superbook DVD club,

and now show Superbook to the 23 children under their care.

They sit, and they're very-- very wrapped in attention,

watching Superbook, you know?

And then, at the end, they're all singing along

with the salvation song.

It just blesses our socks off.

NARRATOR: To catch the same joy Paul and Mickey have,

they say, give freely, and trust God completely.

You got to put God first, you know?

Test him.

You're either trusting yourself,

or you're trusting Jesus.

So just a simple thing to do, with your finances,

is say, here, I trust you, Jesus, and watch

what God will do in your life.

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