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Praying For Your Needs: February 9, 2016

Pat and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

What a marvelous miracle.

God is able.

Now listen.

Here's Suzanne, who lives in Spicewood, Texas.

And Suzanne had a part-time cleaning business.

And while doing heavy work, she sprained her back.

And she used heat and medication.

Nothing worked.

And after two weeks-- two months of pain,

she heard Wendy give a word.

"You've strained your back.

And it's very painful.

God is healing that."

And before Wendy had finished speaking,

the pain in Suzanne's back left, never to return again.

Praise the Lord.

Well, here's one, Pat.

Vivian of Center, Texas suffered with chronic acid reflux

for more than a year.

Everything she ate caused immediate discomfort.

Medicine didn't help.

Then one day, Vivian was watching "The 700 Club"

when she heard you, Pat, give this word.

"Somebody has acid reflux.

And you are being healed right now."

Vivian knew the word was for her.

And since that day, she's been able to eat anything

she wants without any trouble.

Praise God.


God-- I was reading today, you read in the Bible,

it's in there all about God and it says,

he can name all the planets, everything up there, there's

millions and millions and millions of them.

He knows the names of all of them.

And he knows you.

And he knows your condition.

And he knows your diseases.

And he knows your trouble.

And the big thing is he loves you.

So we're going to join hands.

And we're going to believe God.

And we're going to see miracles.

So I want you to expect a miracle right now.

WENDY: Amen.

Father, I join with Wendy.

In Jesus' name, I ask for the power of God

to come into people's lives.

Another acid reflux completely healed

in the name of Jesus, a hiatal hernia being

healed in Jesus' name.

Take it.


God is healing cancers right now, and especially

people with blood cancer.

And for many, this is a spirit of infirmity

that you can cast out and take authority over.

In the name of Jesus, just command it to leave.

Rheumatoid arthritis, muscle disease, muscle pain, the Lord

is healing that right now.

In an instant, the pain is gone.

Just move around.

And all you say is, where's the pain?

The pain's gone.

It won't come back.

You whiplashed your neck really badly.

And you're having a hard time.

You can't even move your head anymore.

Put your hand there.

In the name of Jesus, touch!


Somebody with a very painful toothache right now.

And you've got your hand on your face.

And you're just saying, God, please heal me.

And the Lord's touching you right now.

Receive it in Jesus name.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit, be in people's lives


In Jesus' name, receive an answer.


WENDY: Amen.


Praise God.

WENDY: Praise God.

Let us hear from you.

We love to have your telephone calls, your letters,

and everything.

Tell us what the Lord has done for you.

And we'll just be delighted to receive it.


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