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Scorned Wife Holds Unfaithful Husband’s Life In Her Hands

Robert and Rebecca struggle to save a marriage marred by infidelity. But when Robert’s kidney fails, Rebecca makes a sacrifice that proves her commitment. Read Transcript

Never argued about anything.

We always saw eye to eye on things.

So we were always just really happy

and thought it was just the perfect match.

NARRATOR: Rebecca and Robert had both been married before.

But this time around, they knew they'd found lasting love.

I liked that she was independent.

I really had a lot of respect for the fact that she was

raising two girls on her own.

That really drew me.

When we first met, I had told her that she was my angel.

NARRATOR: Then, five years into the marriage,

they started growing apart.

They now had three children, and their responsibilities

at work and home had become more demanding.

I had noticed that there was definitely something

missing in our relationship.

And I felt like there was something

that was keeping us apart.

That was something going on that just wasn't right.

But I had chose to ignore it.

NARRATOR: As it turned out, Robert had started an affair

with a female coworker.

Rebecca found out when she discovered some texts

on his phone.

When we were first courting on those long conversations

that we had, a lot of things that he had said to me

he was telling this other person.

So my heart has just broken.

NARRATOR: Robert had already ended the affair

after four months, but the damage was done.

I was ashamed.

I was hurt because I saw how hurt I had made her.

There were several times that I had

tried to build the courage up just to tell her.

And I never wanted to be divorced.

I never wanted to leave my family.

NARRATOR: Rebecca had recently become a Christian.

Unsure of what to do next, she went to a Christian counselor.

She said, this is your choice.

You have a choice whether to walk away

or to stay and fight for your marriage.

I knew right then, I need to stay and fight.

NARRATOR: The couple started marriage counseling,

and felt that they were making progress.

Then, Robert suffered a heart attack.

Over the next several years, his health steadily declined

and he became dependent on his wife's care.

At this point is when it really started coming out

that I had not truly forgiven him, because I wasn't being

the loving wife that I should.

I think that that was still in the back of my mind of what

he did for me.

Like, he didn't deserve the loving care

that I was supposed to as a wife.

NARRATOR: After six years, Robert

was diagnosed with kidney failure.

He asked Rebecca to get tested to be a donor match.

I kind of laughed, like no.


Like, why get me involved?

This has nothing to do with me.

This is my stuff.

I'm all good.

And how in the world am I going to care for you if I am down?

This is mine.

I'm not sharing.

NARRATOR: But as the months went by with no match for Robert,

she realized what she needed to do.

Not forgiving him was stopping me from showing him true

love the way that God intends for us to.

I was asking God to give me a heart for my husband,

to help me love him the way that he desired me to love him.

So that my actions would show and my words

would show where my heart was.

NARRATOR: Rebecca finally agreed to get tested.

REBECCA: God just really, just convicted me.

Just be tested and trust the outcome.

So a few weeks later, I get a phone call

for the person in charge of my case.

She goes, not only is it a match.

But when we put your two blood types together,

usually one will try to dominate the other.

But she goes, the two of your blood

just sat there just so harmoniously.

NARRATOR: The operation was a success,

and Robert was soon restored to full health.

Compelled by Rebecca's forgiveness,

he also rededicated his life to Jesus Christ.

I wanted to pursue God passionately.

That I wanted to become a man of integrity.

REBECCA: When I forgave him, and I felt it in my heart,

I really meant it sincerely deep within me.

With all the dark things that happened in my life,

that was the shining light for me.

That forgiveness, it's like taking a weight

off your shoulder.

And then it opened my heart.

NARRATOR: Rebecca says when she truly forgave her husband,

they both received the healing they desperately needed.

He restored our marriage at the same time

that he was restoring my husband.

Yes, it was kind of the beginning of the new.

It's like, he took us through a valley, but where we ended up

is just beautiful.

NARRATOR: Today, Robert is a chaplain for law enforcement.

And the couple say with God at the center of their lives,

their marriage is stronger than ever.

Now, our marriage is so much deeper.

It's a deeper kind of love and respect.

Back then, the old time, there wasn't a lot of hope

because we were living in the moment.

Now, we're living in the moment, but we're also

looking forward to what God's got in store for us.

And it's going to be awesome.

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