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Praying For Your Needs: February 12, 2016

Gordon and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

Now before we pray, we want to encourage you.

Here's some other people that have had miracles.

Here's Wendy, Charleston, Mississippi,

had uterine fibroids, which cause pain in her stomach,

even pain in her feet.

She was wary of surgery because it could affect

her chances of having children.

Then she happened to turn on the TV.

And the 700 Club was on.

And then she heard Wendy giving a Word

of knowledge about someone with a growth

or tumor in your stomach area.

Wendy continued, God is touching you right now.

Just receive that healing in Jesus' name.

While Wendy claimed the word, the pain,

discomfort stopped immediately.

Right now.

I like that.


The other side effects also stopped.

And she hasn't had any problems since that day.

Praise the Lord.


Praise the Lord.

I like her name too.

All right.

Jessie of Fredericksburg, Virginia

was cleaning out a horse stall when he felt a pop in his back.

An MRI showed a bulging disc.

The pain got so bad Jesse couldn't drive, couldn't

sit without pain, and could barely walk.

The specialist decided that surgery was the only option.

And Jesse he was told that he would not be

able to ride horses ever again.

Then one day he was watching the 700 Club when he heard you,

Gordon, say there's someone with a pinched nerve in your back.

And you named the vertebrae, C6, C7.

God's healing that.

There's numbness.

There's pain, weakness.

And God is restoring all of that for you

right now in Jesus' name.

Well Jesse claimed that word and over the next few days,

the pain in his back and his leg went completely away.

When his surgeon next examined him,

he couldn't find the bulging disc and canceled the surgery.

Jesse is once again riding his horses.



That's a miracle.

Miracles can happen to you.

And they can happen today.

The age of miracles is going on.

It hasn't passed because Jesus is the same yesterday, today,

and forever.

What he did when he walked the earth he is still doing today.

You can trust him.

You can trust his unfailing love.

You can trust his forgiveness.

You can trust his power.

It doesn't change.

He doesn't change.

Now let's just come to him.

And just like little children, what daddy has said he will do.

That's all we have.

All you have to do, what daddy has said he will do.

And let's come to him just like little children

trusting in his unfailing love.

Not trusting in our own righteousness

or what we have or haven't done.

Did we get the prayer right?

Do we read the Bible enough?

Do we tithe enough?

No, that's not it.

He loves us.

He died for us.

He came just for you.

Let's pray and let's believe right now.

Lord, we lift the knees of the audience to you.

And we come together in agreement

and we agree about your unfailing love.

We agree about your incredible power

for with you all things are possible.

And so as people are crying out for their need,

for their healing, we join together with them

and we say out loud over them, be healed.

And be made whole in the name of Jesus.

Father we just ask that you would stretch forth

your hand to do mighty miracles now in Jesus' name.

There's someone, you've had a motorcycle accident.

And you've fallen and your right leg

was damaged because the bike went into it just

above the right knee.

God is able to heal you right now in Jesus' name.

There's someone else.

You had a riding accident.

And it was long ago.

And God is able to heal that.

Something also in your right leg was impacted by it.

And God is able to heal that.

You were damaged by a horse, and by that ride, and by that fall.

And in Jesus' name, be healed and be made whole.


Somebody with a damaged esophagus,

not sure if it's from acid reflux.

But there is like a little small hole in your esophagus.

God is healing you right now.

Also someone with chronic migraines,

you're crying out to God.

And God is touching you right now in Jesus' name.

Many people with neck problems are being healed.

There's just general word for stiffness

in the neck, inability to move the neck from the left

to the right, pain, numbness, tingling, all

of those things being cleared right now in Jesus' name.

What you couldn't do before, do it now.

If you couldn't turn your head to the right, turn it now.

If you couldn't turn to the left, turn it now.

If you couldn't have it go backwards or touch your chest,

do it now.

Whatever you couldn't do before, do it now and receive healing

in Jesus' name.

Also God you say that you're close to the brokenhearted.

And there's many people just crying out

with emotional wounds, emotional pain,

and just dealing with broken hearts, Lord.

And you are with them.

You are letting them know right now that this season will end.

That is the word of the Lord to you today.

Lord, we thank you for you are the healer.

You are the Savior.

Your very name describes who you are.

God with us, our Savior.

We thank you for it.

In Jesus' name, Amen.


And Amen.

If you need prayer, we're here for you.

All you have to do is pick up a phone and call us.


And if you've been healed, if you've

got a good report about what God has done for you today,

give us a call.

Let us know.

We want to tell the world that Jesus is the same yesterday,

today, and forever.

So call us and let us know.


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