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Praying For Your Needs: February 15, 2016

Pat and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

What an amazing young man.

But I tell you, that is a miracle.

It's a huge mountain.

You got all kinds of area.

Where is that boy?

Where is he?

And then right over him-- I mean,

it's just-- that's miraculous.


Well we've got a couple of answers I want to share

and then we can pray together.

Freda who lives in New Bern, North Carolina

fell and hurt her back.

She had months of pain and on medication.

It didn't do any good.

And one day she was watching and Wendy, you have a word.

You've strained your back and it's very painful.

God is healing you.

Freda said that's me, and she's been pain-free ever since.


Well listen to this one.

For four months Cindy of Davie, Florida

suffered with terrible night sweats which

also caused a horrible rash.

Medicine didn't help and doctors could not figure out

the cause of her problem.

She prayed continually for healing.

Then one day she was watching the 700 Club

when she heard Pat say, God is healing night sweats.

They are going away right now.

That evening Cindy went to bed and didn't have any trouble

all night.

She's been free from the night sweats ever since.

And I'm taking that you do not know Cindy?

I do not know Cindy but I am thrilled

at what's happening to her.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a God of miracles.

He is so great.

He's so powerful.

We only could conceive of him.

Jesus, you know, said faithless generation, how long

have I got to put up with you?

You know, there's nothing impossible.

That's what he said.

Nothing is impossible.

You have a broken leg.

God can heal it.

You have a broken hip, God can heal it.

You have post-traumatic stress syndrome, God can heal it.

You have diabetes, God can heal it.

There is nothing that cannot be fixed by the one who made you.

Now, we're going to join hands together.

According to the word of God, if two of you

would agree on Earth as touching anything that they ask,

it will be done for them by my Father which is in heaven.

Now Wendy and I going to join hands,

and we're going to believe believe God, right now.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Bless the Lord.

Father, in Jesus' name, let the power

and the anointing of the Holy Spirit come down right now.

There's a collapsed lung.

The Lord has just touched it.

I don't know what-- I think it's a cancerous situation and God's

healing the cancer, taking away the cancer

and that lung will reflate and you are going

to be healed in Jesus' name.



There's a school bus driver, and you've

been injured on the job and you need to go back to work.

And the Lord is touching you.

He's hearing your cry right now.

In Jesus' name, be healed.

Thank you, Jesus.

Man, you hit your head.

You got a great big goose egg on your forehead.

And God right now just touched that.

God just healed it in Jesus' name.

Somebody with just debilitating arthritis,

just, you're in so much pain.

God is hearing your cry for help.

He's touching you.

Just receive your healing right now by faith in Jesus' name.

Somebody named Marcy, you're praying for $150,000.

God's heard your prayer.

In the name of Jesus it shall be done.

Thank you, Lord.

Now bless the people.

The people who've been crying out for their families,

they've been crying out for their finances,

they've been crying out for there's physical

being, in Jesus' name, Lord, appear to them.

Appear to them and show them yourself in Jesus' name.



And Amen!


WENDY GRIFFITH: Great prayer time.

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