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Chronic Acid Reflux Symptoms Vanish In An Instant

For years Florence suffered with acid reflux, causing her to have problems eating and sleeping. One day while watching The 700 Club she heard a prayer just for her. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: For almost 20 years, Florence Giles

suffered with chronic acid reflux.

It was horrible.

It was in my throat.

It was in my stomach.

I just felt bad all over.

NARRATOR: Florence went to her doctor for help,

but the price of prescription medication started to add up,

so she tried to control the acid with her diet.

I tried to watch what I would eat,

so no matter what it was, if it was late, or what time it was,

it was just there.

I couldn't sleep well at night.

Then I would put my hand here and just press down.

NARRATOR: For years, Florence prayed for relief.

On July 19, 2013, Florence was watching "The 700 Club."

Causing fraying of the tendons--

FLORENCE GILES: I was sitting on the sofa,

and Gordon prayed, and then they were almost like ending,

and Terry said--

Someone else, you have extreme acid reflux,

and you've had it for a long time.

God's healing that.

And, oh, I just jumped, and I knew.

I knew.

I was so excited.

And I knew, yeah.

I take my best and be blessed.

I know you healed me, Lord.

NARRATOR: Florence says her acid reflux stopped that very day

and has never returned.

I love to eat, and I just ate anything.

It didn't bother me.

So I just praise God for that, for the healing.

Believe, and you will receive what he has done for me.

He'll do for you.

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