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Couple’s Generosity Not Affected by Unemployment

When Pat lost his job in 2010, he and his wife decided to give to others in their community. Soon they began to experience unexpected blessings in their own lives. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Pat and Bonnie Gardner love spending time together.

They also love partnering with CBN to help those in need

all over the world.

The thing about CBS is they already

have all those connections.

And they can get there, and they can be first on the ground.

And they can get the help there immediately.

NARRATOR: When the Gardners came across the 700 Club in 2012,

they were barely getting by.

Pat, an electrician, hadn't worked a day

since getting laid off two years earlier.

While watching this show one day,

they heard about the biblical principle that when we give,

God provides.

We were just like-- we weren't getting it.

And we said one day to the Lord, Lord, show

us what we're missing.

How can we grow in our faith?

And how can we grow closer to you?

Beat us over the head.

Show us in a way that we understand

why you're telling us.

NARRATOR: About the time, they learned

about a single mother of four who

was recovering from back surgery and needed help.

The couple didn't have money to give,

so they took the family some household supplies, and helped

out around the house.


I could go over and help her, so I did.

BONNIE GARDNER (VOICEOVER): I can still help others

because it shows you that no matter how bad your life is,

there's always someone else who needs

a lot more help than you do.

NARRATOR: A few days later, Pat received

a phone call and a new job.

Not only did I go back to work, but it

was for 60 hours a week-- 20 hours overtime.

NARRATOR: Both knew right away that God had provided.

We got down on our hands and knees, and we praised him,

and we thanked him.

NARRATOR: They also realized it was the law of reciprocity

at work and called CBN.


with a generous donation right from the beginning,

because we knew that was what the Lord called us to do.

NARRATOR: Since then, Pat and Bonnie

have increased their giving to reach a world in need.

I like Operation Blessing I like how they're always there,

and they're everywhere in the world.

The Lord says test me, and I will be faithful.

And we've seen it, and we know it.


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