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Media Intersects with Ministry at Superbook Academy

Superbook Academy is an online Sunday School curriculum that teaches Bible lessons supplementing the episodes from CBN’s animated Bible series, Superbook. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Welcome to Superbook Academy

where media meets ministry.

Superbook Academy is an exciting online Sunday

school curriculum.

It features animated videos that capture the imagination

of children worldwide.

When you subscribe, you'll have instant access

to a multi-year curriculum jam-packed with Bible courses

your kids will love.


Each course features three lessons

based on an exciting Superbook adventure.

Join Chris, Joy, and the robot, Gizmo,

as they travel through the Bible and learn timeless truths

your students can apply to their lives today.

My lord, I am not afraid of any philistine.

What can one child do?

What can one child not do when that child goes with God?


Hello, everyone.

Perfect timing.

I am using the micrometer to look deeper

into today's Superbook adventure.


NARRATOR: Your students will enjoy

learning about God's word with Superbook Academy's

exclusive interactive Bible background videos.

They'll discover biblical history and archeology.

The necklace was called "Gold of Valor"

and was one of Egypt's highest honors.


NARRATOR: Explore ancient geography.

When Jacob and his family arrived in Egypt,

they settled in the Goshen region.

NARRATOR: And have fun answering questions

about what they've learned.


What did Jacob give to his son, Joseph?


A, a bowl of stew; B, a new coat; C, new sandals;

or D, an extra goat?

NARRATOR: Your class will come away

realizing the Bible is true.

Then watch the Superbook Signpost video

to discover how each Bible story points to Christ

and how God's plan of salvation is revealed to us.


A large stone was rolled over the lion's den

and sealed with the king's seal to prove that no one could

get in or out.

A large stone was rolled over Jesus' tomb,

and guards were posted by it to prove that no one could

get in or out.



NARRATOR: Kids will also love original music videos,

including "The Salvation Poem" song, which presents

the plan of redemption.

--[SINGING] Forgive me now of all my sin.

Come be my savior, Lord, and friend.

NARRATOR: After watching these captivating videos

in large group, your students will enjoy games, crafts,

Bible teachings, and additional activities in small group.

The online teacher dashboard makes preparation and teaching

a snap.

You can plan and present lessons and stream all videos

directly from your computer, smartphone,

or any connected device.

And when class is over, the learning continues.

At home, families can explore the Superbook universe

online with links to the free Bible app and family

discussion guides plus games and activities on the Superbook


These courses can be easily adapted

for VBS, community outreaches, mid-week services, and more.

Everything is here for you.

Just click on the icons and begin exploring

Superbook Academy today.



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