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News on The 700 Club: February 18, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," Feb. 18: Trump, Cruz in attack mode; Rubio scores a big win; Exclusive: Trump vows to sign bill defunding Planned Parenthood if President; President plans historic trip to Cuba to further ties; and more. Read Transcript


Welcome to this edition of the "700 Club."

The airways and the newspapers are full of reports

now the Republicans are committing suicide.

Fred Barnes is saying they're going to lose the election.

And the nastiness has been introduced into this election

by none other than Donald Trump.

There was a thing when I did my little political thing.

We stuck to the 11th commandment,

thou shall speak ill of no fellow Republican.

And you cannot have people shooting at each other

viciously and think that that won't go into the general


And it will poison the waters for your ultimate nominee.

So I just like when we see charges of lies,

threats of lawsuits, allegations of dirty tricks,

the brutal battle for votes, race

is on in the crucial South Carolina primary.

But it will all be over on Saturday, at least

this phase of it.

And then voters will have their say that day,

and then they go on to various major-- what

they call Super Saturdays and Super Tuesdays and Super


So there are a lot of votes yet to go,

but South Carolina will be key.


Well, Pat, Donald Trump is still

the clear leader in the polls in the Palmetto state.

But many voters are still undecided.

Heather Sells has the story.

HEATHER SELLS: In South Carolina,

the attacks between the top Republican candidates

have escalated.

I do attack people when I'm attacked/

HEATHER SELLS: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

are sparring over this abortion ad.

I am pro-choice in every respect.

HEATHER SELLS: Trump says the ad, which

shows an interview from 1999, is filled with lies

and has threatened to sue Cruz.

Cruz said, fine, go ahead, and dared Trump to sue him.

He also promised to run the ad more frequently.

What did you think when you actually got the letter?

I'll confess I laughed out loud.

And I don't think anyone is surprised that Donald

is threatening to sue people.

HEATHER SELLS: Marco Rubio scored a big win on Wednesday,

receiving the coveted endorsement of South Carolina

Governor Nikki Haley.

Earlier in the week, Jeb Bush called it the most meaningful


In my campaign for president today, I

got the endorsement of a governor of Indian descent

who endorsed a presidential candidate of Cuban descent.

And tomorrow we will be campaigning

alongside an African-American Republican senator.

All three are doing that here in South Carolina.

But polls right now show Trump with the endorsement

that counts the most, with the voters in the Palmetto state.

In the new Bloomberg poll, Trump is the first choice,

with 34% of likely Republican voters in South Carolina,

followed by Cruz at 16% and Rubio at 13%.

But things look different in the bigger picture

across the country.

The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll

shows Cruz leading Trump nationally.

He's up by 28%, compared to Trump at 26%

and Rubio with 17%.

Cruz' lead is within the margin of error,

so the race is statistically a tie,

but it still could be an indication

that Cruz has momentum across the country.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

are gearing up for the Nevada caucus on Saturday.

Sanders is working to raise his support

among blacks and Hispanics.

Clinton is also courting minorities

in an effort to offset Sanders' popularity with younger voters.

In both South Carolina and Nevada,

many voters may decide at the last minute.

And as always, they will have the final say.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

If I were in charge of the Republican Party particularly,

I would limit these debates.

These things are self-inflicting wounds.

They're just totally unnecessary.

They ought to have three or four max, and that's it.

But anyhow, it goes on.

And Donald Trump has told CBN News

he would stop taxpayer money from going

to Planned Parenthood if he was elected president.

John Jessup has that story.

That's right Pat.

In an exclusive interview with CBN's David Brody,

the Republican frontrunner says he'd

sign a bill from Congress that would defund the nation's

largest abortion provider.

He made that declaration exclusively to David

on a campaign swing in Charleston, South Carolina,


As a President Trump, if a bill came

to your desk that would be defund Planned Parenthood,

you would support that?

You would sign that?

Yes, because as long as they do the abortion,

I am not for funding Planned Parenthood.

But they do other-- they do cervical cancer work.

They do a lot of good things for women.

But as long as they're involved with the abortion--

as you know, they're involved.

Now, they say it's 3% of their work.

Some people say it's 10%.

Some people say it's 8%.

I hear all different percentages,

but it doesn't matter.

As long as they're involved with abortion, as far

as I'm concerned, forget it.

But we have to remember that they-- and I wouldn't fund them


But they do do other good work, OK?

You look at cervical cancer.

I've had women tell me they do some excellent work.

So I think you have to also put that into account.

But I would defund Planned Parenthood

because of their view and the fact

that they work on abortion.

Trump's closest rival, Ted Cruz,

is telling voters the billionaire can't

be trusted on the abortion issue because of this pro-choice past

and some of the nice things he's been saying about services

Planned Parenthood provides.

We'll have more of David's interview with Trump tomorrow.

And as a reminder, Pat will be interviewing Donald Trump

next Wednesday at Regent University,

and we'll have that interview on next Thursday's "700 Club."

President Obama will pay a visit to Cuba

next month, as he works to reopen

doors between the US and the communist island nation.

Obama's stop in Cuba is part of a broader planned trip

to Latin America.

Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Marco

Rubio oppose the visit.

Both Senators have ties to Cuba, and they

warn the trip could have damaging repercussions

for the United States.

President Obama won't be attending

the funeral of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

The President and First Lady will

go to the Supreme Court Friday and pay their respects

to Justice Scalia.

Meanwhile, Vice President Biden and his wife

plan to go to the funeral.

The White House didn't say if Mr. Obama had

a schedule conflict that would keep him

from attending the funeral.

Iraq is searching for highly dangerous radioactive material

stolen last November near the southern city of Basra.

And Reuters reports the theft has raised concerns

among Iraqi officials that ISIS could use

it to build a deadly weapon.

The material was stolen from the storage facility of a US oil

and gas company.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency,

exposure that material could cause permanent injury

within minutes.

The State Department says it knew about the reports

but sees no evidence that ISIS or other terrorist groups

have acquired it.

Well, here at home, an interesting report for people

who want to live longer.

I'm sure that's all of us.

Couch potatoes have a higher risk

of dying younger than people who are more active and move about.

So once you make the decision to get off your duff,

what's the best type of exercise to prolong your life?

Here's CBN's Lorie Johnson with what the research shows.

LORIE JOHNSON: A study of more than a half

a million adults published in the "Journal of the American

Medical Association" reveals the government's

guidelines on exercise don't go far enough.

Although people who follow the recommended 2 and 1/2 hours

a week of moderate exercise, like walking,

did have a 31% less chance of dying

than those who didn't exercise, people

who exercised 7 and 1/2 hours a week

had a 39% less chance of death than non-exercisers.

The research shows sprinkling in some vigorous exercise

like running adds even more years to your life.

People who spent 1/3 of their exercise time

in strenuous activity were 9% less likely to die prematurely

than people who exercised the same amount of time

but only moderately.

Those who spent more than 1/3 of their exercise time

in strenuous activity had a 13% reduction in mortality.

61-year-old Mark Sisson, the man behind the wildly popular

health blog Mark's Daily Apple, says

interspersed cardio has other benefits closely

tied to longevity.

That little burst of activity can have such dramatic effects

on all aspects of your health.

And for people who have been trying to lose weight,

for instance, and are plateaued or stalled,

that sprint workout can be sort of the breakthrough.

He says muscle-building exercises,

like pushups, situps, and weightlifting,

can prevent broken bones.

The tension of the muscle on the bone,

it creates bone density, for instance.

And we want to have strong bones as we get older.

LORIE JOHNSON: So when it comes to longevity,

exercise makes a difference, ideally how

about an hour a day.

Lorie Johnson, CBN News.

Thanks, Lorie.

And Pat, as you well know, it doesn't take much.

Just walking can help prolong one's life.

Well, I'm prolonging mine, I guess.

I did a lot of exercise along the way.

I did running, and did cardio, and I did weights.

And I did heavy, heavy weights.

You exercise of choice these days is horseback riding, which

can be very strenuous.


And the horse does the work.

So my horse has been laid up for a year and a half.

And he's in rehab.

And he could be walked and trotted,

but it's taken forever.

He pulled a suspensory thing or one of these things in his--

Well, hopefully by spring when the weather turns nice,

you'll be back out there.

Well, they're letting me go back on him on the 29th.

So I'm looking forward to it.

I'm laid up.

He's laid up.

And so we'll get together.


Spring is coming.

It's coming, baby,


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