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Bring It On-Line: Does God want to talk to me?

I still feel distant from the Lord, does God want to talk to me? Is it right for a pastor to never pray in Jesus' name? Is it alright for a Christian to take a little wine for the stomach and heart? Is there any way to get the honest information ... Read Transcript


Welcome back.

It's time for your email questions.

Marciela writes, "I have repented from adultery

a long time ago.

My husband has forgiven me, but I still

feel distant from the Lord because of this sin.

What can I do to revive my relationship with God

after this seemingly unforgivable sin?"

You know what the Bible says.

God says, I want you to be cleansed

from dead works of conscience that you might serve the living


God wants you in His service.

He doesn't want you beating yourself up.

He really doesn't.

So you committed adultery?

So have millions of others.

So, big deal.

You are a sexual being, and you were weak one time,

or maybe for a few days, or whatever with some guy.

And you beat yourself up ever since.

God forgives you.

And if you don't accept His forgiveness,

you're saying God's a liar.

The Bible says-- listen here.

It says, "if we confess our sins, He is faithful

and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us

from all unrighteousness."

If we confess, He is faithful and just to do it.

Now believe what He says, rest on His word,

and start praising Him and living for Him.

And forget this.

You've done it.

You did it.

It's under the past.

It's under the blood.

Get on with your life.


Good word.

All right.

John says, "I have a friend who attends a church

and the pastor never prays in Jesus' name.

The pastor's explanation has to do with not

wanting to get into a ritual.

My friend says the pastor believes

Jesus is the only way to salvation,

so he continues to attend there.

But I'm concerned because the Bible

teaches that everything must go through Jesus, including


Well it doesn't quite teach that, that everything must go,

including prayer.

But we do pray in Jesus' name.

Here's the deal.

We have a power of attorney.

And it's in the name of the Son of God.

He said, "all power, all authority in heaven and earth

is given unto Me.

Go ye, therefore."

So when we go out, we do it in His name.

And so the authority we have in the church

comes through the power of attorney

we have in the name of the Son of God.

I don't know-- I get these questions

about these nutty things that pastors do.

This is just a nutty thing.

I don't know why the guy won't pray in Jesus' name.

I always pray in Jesus' name.

I would miss that if my pastor--


I would really miss that.

I mean, if you're unhappy, go to another church.

There are plenty of them around.

All right.

OK, Diane writes in, "is it all right

for a Christian to take a little wine

for the stomach and the heart?"


Wine with meals is part of the culture of the Europeans,

of the Greeks, of the Romans, of the Israelis and a whole lot

of others.

The Bible says that God gives us oil

to make our faces shine and wine to gladden our hearts.

Jesus Christ himself turned water into wine.

So a little wine--

But the Bible also says that "wine is a mocker,

and strong drink is raging."

You can get wine and become an alcoholic.

But a little wine for dinner, a little glass of wine

to help your digestion-- there's nothing sinful about it.

But the question is this.

If you've got a friend that is an alcoholic, one glass of wine

can set him off and ruin him.

I knew one man who couldn't eat jelly

that had a little bit of wine in it

because it would set off his alcoholism.

So if you think that would be the case, then of course

you don't drink wine.

But to sit around and have a glass of wine

at dinner or something-- Jesus Christ turned water into wine,

and he wasn't sinning.

All right.

All right.

This viewer writes in, "dear Pat, you

have the only news that I really trust.

Is there any way to get the honest information

on each candidate running in South Carolina?

We have to vote in a few days, and I've watched debates

and news, and I cannot decide who is being truthful.

What guidelines would you suggest?"

You can look on the internet.

You see their record.

It's not-- am I telling the truth on this

and not telling the truth-- what have the people done?

And what is their record?

What experiences do they have?

What is the overall background?

What we're doing is getting a snapshot,

and so often the snapshot is blurred because

of all the extraneous noise.

So you can dial up the internet and look

at all kinds of stuff about these people

if you want to get more information.

All right.

Joanna says, "recently, I was told that complete salvation is

accepting Christ as Lord and Savior,

and you must also be baptized to complete your salvation

or otherwise, you will be judged.

Is not salvation complete when you

accept by faith Jesus' atoning death and confess

with your mouth?"

Well, that's what the Bible says.

"If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus,

and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,

you will be saved."

That's what it says.

But baptism is a sign that we are dead with Christ,

and we were raised in newness of life.

So it's another thing we do.

It's a public expression of our faith.

It's all that.

It is a public expression.

But it's that I'm buried with Christ,

and I'm raised in newness of life.

But it's a symbol.

But the big thing is you've given your heart to the Lord.

That's what saves you.

We'll leave you with Today's Power Minute from Jeremiah 17.

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,

and whose hope is in the Lord."


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