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Praying For Your Needs: February 19, 2016

Gordon and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

We have some praise reports, Gordon.


I think I'm saying this right-- Concepcion.


Concepcion from Brooklyn, New York,

had swelling in her right knee, on and off for about a month,

causing her a great deal of pain.

One day she was watching the 700 Club

while she was lying on her couch.

The pain was so bad she was thinking

about calling an ambulance to take her to the emergency room.

Just then, she heard you giving a word, Gordon.

You said, "It is difficult for you to stand up.

Even when you sit down, the pain just seems to be constant.

God is healing you and restoring.

In Jesus' name, rise up and walk again and realize

that the pain has left you."

Concepcion felt the pain leaving her leg.

She jumped up and began running around the house,

crying for joy.

She has not had any problems with her knee since.

Hallelujah-- getting up and jumping around the house with


Here's Pauline from New York.

She had nerve pain that ran from the lower part of her

back down into her left leg.

She had surgery to correct the problem,

but afterwards, the pain returned

to the exact same area.

Her doctor suggested that she have a second surgery,

but she wasn't about to do that.

So she suffered with the pain for over a year.

One day while watching the 700 Club,

Pauline heard Wendy give a word of knowledge about someone

with nerve damage.

"Just put your hand on it-- wherever it is--

and God is touching your body, now, in Jesus' name.

And Pauline claimed the word for herself.

Immediately the pain was gone, and it has not returned.

And that is a miracle.


God wants to do miracles.

You don't have to beg Him.

You don't have to bargain with Him.

You don't have to plead.

It is the prayer of faith that gets results.

Now, how do you get faith, if that's what's needed?

Well, you look to Jesus, the Author

and the Finisher of your faith.

And you say, Lord, help my unbelief.

Let me believe in You.

Let me see, and hear, and understand

the greatness of Your power.

For when you have that revelation,

then faith becomes very easy, and you understand

His great love for you.

That's not His love for others.

It's when He-- when you understand His love for you.

He cares for you.

He numbers the hairs on your head.

You're part of it.

You're part of the family.

You're His child.

When you get all of that, you have all the faith

that you need.

Now, we're going to do that.

We're going to look to Jesus.

And in an act of faith, lay your hand

on that area of the body that needs healing.

Just as Wendy told Pauline in New York,

go ahead and lay your hand-- if it's causing you pain right

now, put your hand on it.

And let's believe God.

Faith is an act.

Let's believe Him.

He will back up His promise.

He watches over His word to perform it.

So let's pray, let's believe, and let's let God do it.

It's not based on our prayer.

It's not based on anything other than Him.

Let's pray.


Lord, we just come to You.

And we come to You as little children, trusting Daddy.


Trusting Your unfailing love.

Trusting Your covenant with us.



--the blood of Jesus.

Trusting that by His stripes we are healed.

We were healed.

It's already been done.

You've already provided the way.

So, Lord, right now, open our eyes that we may see.

Give us eyes of understanding.

Open our ears that we may hear.

And stretch forth Your hand to do mighty miracles.

So in the name of Jesus, we pronounce over

people who are laying hands on that area of the body,

be healed.

Be made whole, and be restored now--


--in Jesus' name.


There's someone-- you're laying your left hand

on the back of your neck, and God has just

done a mighty miracle for you.

He's put all the vertebrae back in place.

He's put all of the discs back into place.

Everything is normal.

Those muscles are relaxing now, in Jesus' name,

and that pain just left you.

What you couldn't do before-- turn to the left

and realize God's healed you.

Turn to the right.

Turn-- take your head back.

Take it down to your chest.

Realize you're completely healed and set free.

And God wants you to know this pain will never return.

In Jesus' name--

Jesus' name.

--you're healed.


God's delivering people battling addictions

of all kinds.

The Bible says, "God delivers you because He delights in you,

and delivers you from your strong enemy.

This has been-- you said, this is too strong for me.

God says, that's right, but I am bigger

and "I am delivering you," in Jesus' name.

GORDON ROBERTSON: If someone-- you've

had surgery for a gallbladder problem.

And you still are suffering with pain,

and the pain in the incision-- and the trauma, the surgery,

or things just didn't go right.

In Jesus' name, you're being healed.

God wants you to know it's specifically

for you, because you didn't lay your hand.

And just realize that this is you-- I'm talking to you.

Your pain is gone now.

In Jesus' name.

WENDY GRIFFITH: There's a lady named Susie.

You're having a problem with your right foot.

This has been a long-term problem.

God is touching you.

Right now that pain is leaving, in Jesus' name.

Someone with lots of problems with your right hip.

And the bone has deteriorated, and there's

a lot of pain just walking.

And God's healing-- He's touching that.

He's able to restore it all.

In Jesus' name, be healed.

Lord, we thank You, for You're the healer.

You do it all.

You're the answer to every need, and we thank You

for what You've done.

In Jesus' name, Amen.


And Amen.

If you've been touched by God, we

want to share your good report.

We want to let people know the miracles that

are happening today.

So give us a call.

Let us know-- 1-800-759-0700.

And if you need prayer, we believe in prevailing prayer--

the prayer that gets an answer.

What Jesus described as a widow that came and wouldn't give up

with the judge-- kept knocking, kept seeking,

kept asking until she got the answer.

So we believe in that.

Jesus has instructed us to do that.

So we're here for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All you have to do is call us-- 1-800-759-0700.

And just say I need prayer.

It's our honor, our privilege, to pray with you.

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