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Praying For Your Needs: February 22, 2016

Pat and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

Avita Roland is passionate about her job as a nurse,

her active lifestyle, and her husband,

children and grandchildren .

But her joy was suddenly snatched away

when an injury reduced her life to a world of pain.

I have 30 years of nursing experience.

I love helping people.

It's a passion for me.

It was in June 2006.

I was on a normal shift and we had

a patient that was confused.

Tall, heavy guy, that was in a geri chair.

And suddenly, I caught the movement out of my eye

as he was coming out of the chair, literally falling.

I just immediately jumped over to him.

But in the position that I grabbed him in, I pulled.

I kind of felt something give him my neck.

In about three days, started feeling pain go up my head

and down my arm.

And went to ER, and they said I had a ruptured disk

or a blown disk.

The pain that I was feeling felt like I was being stabbed

in my neck with a hot knife.

And it would go down my arm, and then go down into my legs.

I was also having ear pain, and it just

progressed to where it became excruciating.

I had the surgery in 2008, and it

did relieve some of the pain.

But then it would be there.

It would come back.

In April 2010, I stopped working.

My neck had become so bad, and so much

pain, that I could not safely perform my job anymore.

I couldn't help others, and couldn't help my family much.

Felt like I was being a burden to my husband.

I'd become a financial burden because the doctor

bills were there.

I hadn't worked.

And I just cried out to God.

I sat down and God just spoke to my heart

to turn on the television.

And Pat was on.


I mean it wasn't two, three seconds,

Pat gave that word of knowledge.

A neck injury.

Your cervical vertebra has been deteriorating.

And right now, if you want to touch the back of your neck,


God just healed you in the name of Jesus.

And then Terry had a word of knowledge about your ears.

Just a loss of hearing that's gradually getting worse.

God is healing that condition for you.

Your ears are just going to suddenly open

and you'll have clear hearing again.

And then Pat again said, and you

have this hump on your spine.

And the bones are deteriorating on this hump.

And that's exactly what was all going on with me.

And I receive that.

Stand up straight.

God is just giving you special strength

and rebuilding your spine.

Even as I speak right now, there's

construction work going on.

You will feel it.

You will hear it.

I was hearing construction going on out my window

at that very moment, and had been hearing it all day.

And had been thinking about, I'll

be so glad when this construction stops.

In Jesus' name, touch.

And just felt the heat go through my body.

Started shouting and dancing.

And I hadn't done that in a long time.

And I knew I was healed.

The hump was gone.

The soreness was gone.

All the pain was gone.

I've not had any new pain.

It feels awesome, being able to kayak again, and bike

and exercise.

And just enjoy my grand-babies.

Look what Jesus did.

It means so much to me that Jesus healed me.

It means the world.

I'm so thankful.

Isn't that a great testimony?


Multiple words of knowledge.

Including a construction job.

Construction of the ear--

Plus, God wants you to know, it's you.

Pat, this is Jackie from Luling, Texas.

She was involved in an auto accident as a teen.

She developed pain in her spine and in her right shoulder

that bothered her for nearly half a century.

Last December, she was watching this program

and you gave a word of knowledge about someone

with strain in the lower back.

She would not allow herself to believe

that you were talking about her, so she just let it pass.

Eight days later, she saw a story on this program

about a lady who was healed from injuries

sustained in a car wreck.

Then Gordon said, you've had a crash

and you've injured the back of your shoulder.

God's healing all of that.

He's putting your spine in proper alignment,

taking away that pain right now.

In Jesus' name, be healed.

Jackie said, this time she didn't hesitate.

She claimed the word for herself.

After over half a century, within 24 hours,

all the pain completely gone.


Thank you.

Here's one more.

This is from Miami, Florida.


She had have emotional torture for 27 years

from an abuse ex-husband.

And one day she was watching the program,

and she cried out to God, quote, "Heal my heart."

And then Terry, you said there's somebody else.

You're dressed in orange today for whatever reason.

And you're asking God for something

that you really, really need but you aren't sure it's possible.

God is answering your prayer in Jesus' name.

Marguerite felt a release of tears.

And she felt a peace come over.

And she's instantly been set free

from that emotional problem.

Now, folks.

Did Terry and I know any of these people?


Did God know them?

He knew them intimately.

He knew everything about them.

And the God who created this universe

reached out in this audience of this television program,

and touched them.

Now, Terry and I are going to join your hands together

in the few seconds left in this show.

Lord, I ask you in Jesus' name.

Let the presence and the power of Almighty God come

into people's lives, right now as we speak.

There's a bowel obstruction the Lord has just opened.

You'll be completely free of that.

And from this moment on, from then on.


Someone else.

You've had a gradual hearing loss.

You don't even know what's caused it.

But God's healing that for you right now.

You're just going to be able to hear again, clearly.

I use the term miasma.

It's like there's been a fog all over you right now.

And that fog is lifting.

And suddenly everything is going to be sharpened, crystal clear,

like a high-def television.

You're just completely free.

And the Lord has touched you.

And he's touching the marriage.

Jeff and Imelda.

The Lord has brought that marriage together.

And the problems that seemed so big have gone away.

In Jesus' name.

Thank you, Lord.


Well, folks, that's all the time we've got.

Please call us.

Tell us what God has done in your life.

We would love to hear from you.

The telephones are available all day,

even though we are off the air.

So it's 1-800-759-0700.

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