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News on The 700 Club: February 23, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," Feb. 23: Iranian missile capabilities no idle threat; Unsinkable Trump? Rivals scramble to stop 'The Donald's' momentum; Charlotte council approves expansion of transgender protections; and more. Read Transcript

Well, you're not going to hear much about here in the United

States, but our good friends, Obama's buddies in Tehran

are working hard to develop a missile program.

A missile program that could be used

to launch nuclear weapons to threaten Israel and Europe,

possibly even the US of A.

Iran says the United States won't

learn how powerful its missile program is until it's too late.

Chris Mitchell brings us the story from Jerusalem.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Iran's missile program

is one of the most ambitious in the world.

Its arsenal ranges from long range

ballistic missiles that could reach Europe.

The shorter range missiles, already

used by regional terror groups against Israel and Saudi


AYELET SAVYON: Officially, the claim

is that the missile industry is for defense purpose only.

As for the long range missiles, it's

obviously not defensive too.

The US and five world powers lifted

most of the international sanctions

as part of their nuclear deal with Iran.

The UN Security Council still called for work

to stop on ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear weapons.

Iran never complied and now argues its missile program has

nothing to do with the deal.

In addition, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani

ordered an expansion of the missile program.

Commander Ali Hajizadeh says Iran's revolutionary Guard

Corps will get two new advanced missiles

when the Persian new year begins in March.

Both will have a range of more than 1,000 miles.

Ayelet Savyon is the Iranian expert

with the Middle East Media Research Institute

here in Jerusalem.

She says from time to time, Iranian officials

speak openly about the missile program.

AYELET SAVYON: They kept saying that the main purpose

of their long range missile was hitting, targeting Israel.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Even with the nuclear deal in place,

Iranian commanders taunt the US about their missiles

and military capability.

We have land to sea missiles with very heavy warheads

located in tunnels along the Persian Gulf Coastline.

The Americans themselves once said

that the IR GC Navy forces had dug

over 1,000 tunnels along the coast of the Persian Gulf.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Ali Fadavi is the Iranian revolutionary Guard

Corps Navy commander.

When will the Americans to learn about the things

we haven't shown them?

We will demonstrate this at a certain point in accordance

with our interests, or when the time is right.

At that point, the Americans will know our abilities

and it will be too late for them.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Earlier, Iranian television

revealed the missile tunnels, saying they had around 500

of them.

Almost all the Iranian cities have at least one missile base.

What you see is like an iceberg floating underwater,

some part of it only visible.

We have so many such bases, that even

if they managed to identify some of them,

it still will be to no avail.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Savyon says the admission of the tunnels

has to do with regional tensions.

AYELET SAVYON: I think they said it

because of the tension being so escalating between Iran

and Saudi Arabia.

They said we have hidden cities of missiles.

CHRIS MITCHELL: And it's not an idle threat.

AYELET SAVYON: They also said that they equipped

Israel's neighboring Islamic movements, such as Hezbollah

and Hamas, and other Palestinian groups such as Islamic Jihad,

with Iranian technology and missiles.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Retired IDF officer Michael Segall

says Iran is setting its sights high.

They want to create some kind of a balance of power

with the United States with our European players.

And if you want, Iran is on its way to become superpower.

And the missile program is indeed

a pillar in the Iranian national security doctrine.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

Thanks, Chris.

Now folks, I want you to get in your mind,

just put in your mind about three years from now.

We wake up and find that those missiles have

nuclear tips on them and at the Iranians have

had a breakthrough with their bomb,

and they now can put nuclear warheads on those missiles.

The missiles are now capable of reaching Rome.

They're capable of reaching Paris.

They're capable of reaching Bahn,

they're capable of reaching London.

They're capable of course, reaching Tel Aviv.

And they certainly can reach into the heart of Saudi Arabia

anywhere they want to.

Now that would be a nightmare.

You wake up and think, either I will accord to their demands

whatever they are, or my capital city

will be incinerated in a nuclear holocaust.

Now that's what they're going for.

There will be nuclear blackmail of an area

we have never known before.

And if those crazies decided they

wanted to start blowing off nukes,

then you're looking at the death of millions and millions

of people.

Now, the radical Islamic terrorists of ISIS

are also working with weapons of mass destruction.

Chemical weapons.

Wendy Griffin has that story.

Thanks, Pat.

CBN News has learned of a new chemical weapons

attack launched by ISIS in northern Iraq.

It's yet another sign of the terror group's growing

capability to obtain and use the deadly weapons.

Charlene Aaron has the story.

CHARLENE AARON: CBN military correspondent Chuck Holton

traveled to northern Iraq, where he

found evidence the Islamic State launched 30 mortar shells

near Sinjar on February 11.

Those shells turned out to be chemical weapons.

CHUCK HOLTON (ON PHONE): We're thinking about 175 Kurdish

soldiers who were here in these conditions

along the front line.

CHARLENE AARON: The humanitarian group

Free Burma Rangers helped treat the exposed soldiers.

This one suddenly collapsed in front of us

while receiving aid.

This soldier said his chest is clogged

and that he has trouble breathing.

Holton discovered signs of the chemical weapons surrounding

the demolished city of Sinjar.

It's not the first time.

US officials told The Hill recently

that ISIS used chemical weapons in northern Iraq last August.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says

the US is watching ISIS' emerging

capability very closely and has taken action against it.

Holton explained the significance

of this latest attack.

CHUCK HOLTON (ON PHONE): If ISIS has access to chemical weapons

and is able to make them or has a stock pile that

is captured in Syria, those things

could very easily be made around the globe

and be used with horrible affects.

CHARLENE AARON: ISIS continues to advance in northern Iraq,

although Peshmerga forces recently

retook the city of Sinjar.

They found heavy destruction along with many IEDs.

Kurdish and Peshmerga forces hoped that capturing Sinjar

would cut a key supply line between Mosul, Iraq and ISIS

headquarters in Raqqa, Syria.

But Holton reports that ISIS has found a secondary road

south of Sinjar and continues to move troops and supplies

between the two countries.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

Pat, what does this mean if ISIS has chemical weapons?

What it means is a dangerous escalation Wendy.

And if we don't do something about it, they will use them.

They're already using them.

And they don't hesitate to destroy life.

They have no regard for life.

And I think ladies and gentlemen,

we have to understand the mindset of these people.

They are looking for the Mahdi.

They are looking for this Islamic savior to come.

And according to their legend, he

will only come when there's a time of chaos.

And so if there is a chaos on the ground,

people are lying dead and wounded

and cities are demolished, that's

the perfect scenario for the Mahdi to come.

So he will fulfill their eschatology.

They're looking for it.

We don't look for that here in the West.

We're looking for peace and joy.

And when the Lord comes, we're looking for the new Jerusalem.

We're looking for something better.

They're looking for destruction and they

don't mind participating to help him along.




Well, here at home, Donald Trump is

looking to continue his winning streak in today's Nevada

Republican caucuses, while Ted Cruz and Marco

Rubio are making their case to be the primary alternative

to Trump.

Efrem Graham has that story.

DONALD TRUMP: We're going to make America great again,

and we're going to keep winning, winning, winning.

EFREM GRAHAM: After big wins in New Hampshire and South

Carolina, Donald Trump is looking for another one

in Nevada today.

A recent CNN poll showed the billionaire GOP front runner

ahead in the state by 26 points.

At a massive campaign rally Monday

night, Trump continued to attack is rival, Senator Ted Cruz.

This guy Cruz lies more than any human being

I've ever dealt with.

EFREM GRAHAM: The battle between Trump's chief rivals,

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio has intensified,

as the two seek to slow Trump's momentum

and become the primary alternative to Trump.

Trump's seemingly unstoppable rise

has some Republican leaders rallying

around senator Marco Rubio as the best alternative candidate.

Rubio says most Republicans are not behind Trump.

Donald has a base of support, but the majority of our party

doesn't want him as our nominee.

EFREM GRAHAM: Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson

says he's backing Rubio's presidential bid,

giving the US senator from Florida

his highest profile endorsement in this state a week

before its Republican primary.

And the battle for the GOP nomination

took on a personal tone Monday, when

Ted Cruz fired a top aide for spreading a false video,

supposedly showing Rubio attacking the Bible.

We will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards

of integrity.

Ohio governor John Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson

are also competing in Nevada, but neither appears

to be in a position to win.

For now, it appears to be Trump and who ever may emerge

as the primary alternative.

Efrem Graham, CBN News.

And just a reminder, Pat will be interviewing Donald Trump

tomorrow at Regent University.

And we'll have that interview on Thursday's 700 Club.

And Pat, I'm sure you're looking forward

to being with the Donald.

Well, the Donald's a friend.

I went to a prize fight of heavyweight at the Trump Casino

in Atlantic City, and I've known him

since then and Marla Maples I knew, and others.

So anyhow.

He's a friend, we'll see.

But boy, he sure is tearing them up.

I just cannot believe how he's done.

And unless something happens, we've

got a big, big super primary for all these states.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: For Regent university,

this is an exciting time.

You've got all kinds of candidate potential.

Well, I've got him at noon, I've

got Cruz in the evening of Friday.

And have Ben Carson coming.

So they stop off Regent University,

ladies and gentlemen, and the world's

preeminent Christian graduate university.


Well, I'm saddened by what Wendy's going to tell us about.

I talk to this gentleman on the phone.

I prayed with him.

He and his wife were-- I can't tell you

how important they were in the early days of CBN

as they were with their singing and their inspiration.

Wendy, tell us about it.

That's right, Pat.

Gospel music legend Buck Rambo has died at the age of 84.

Rambo died Sunday evening in Florida

surrounded by his family.

His career spanned more than 60 years,

including his famous group, The Singing Rambos.

And of course, he also appeared here on the 700 Club.

He was honored many times, including numerous Grammy

and Dove award nominations after the Rambos disbanded in 1994,

but continued to travel and minister with his wife, May.

He is survived by May, his daughter,

and multiple grandchildren and siblings.

He will be missed.

The city council in Charlotte, North Carolina

passed a law Monday allowing transgender people

to choose male or female public bathrooms according to which

gender they identify with.

North Carolina's governor has called

the measure a threat to public safety,

and he's warned that the state's General Assembly may step in.

The issue has already divided people in North Carolina

as it has in other states, and I can see why, Pat.

Wendy, you know, if a little boy or a little girl

has genes inside of them that are

contrary to their physical makeup and over the years,

they have just totally identified

with the opposite sex and they feel trapped in a body.

Well, I don't see anything wrong with letting

them have the necessary surgery and hormonal treatments

to adjust that imbalance.

I mean, that's one of those things that there's sin in.

But the idea of having some little kid who's

10 years old saying, well, I'm not a boy anymore, I'm a girl.

And I want to go to the girl's bathroom.

Yeah, in your dreams kid.

What are you talking about?

Alright, if you want to get your appendages chopped off,

by all means go to the little girl's bathroom.

And until you do, keep your mouth shut.

And guys, down in North Carolina,

I'm with the governor on this one.

Get real.


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