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Lou Engle Celebrates the Anniversary of Azusa Street Revival

AzusaNow 2016 is April 9th at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. A day of unity, miracles, and healing on the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival. Read Transcript

Welcome back.

Well picture this.

You're in a stadium, jam packed with 100,000 other believers,

and you're all there to celebrate

one of the biggest events in modern Christian history.

Here's the good news.

This could be a reality, all courtesy of Lou Engle's latest

mega event.

Lou Engle has been organizing large prayer rallies

since 1999.

He is the co-founder of The Call, a prayer movement where

hundreds of thousands of people gather for prayer, fasting,

and worship.

On April 9, in the Los Angeles memorial Colosseum,

The Call will hold a prayer rally called Azusa Now.

The event will be held on the 110th anniversary of the Azusa

street outpouring, the beginning of the Pentecostal

charismatic movement in the US.

Lou is praying this event will help

to start a Great Awakening in America, that

will turn people back to God.

And Lou Engle is here with us now.

Lou, my friend, good to see you.

Wendy, it's so good to see you.

You were with us 16 years ago when the first Call took place.

And it's a blessing to be with you.

On the mall in DC, half a million people.

It was amazing, amazing.

I've been following you for a while.

But anyway, this Azusa Street event is coming up, April 9.

It's to commemorate the first one that

happened a hundred years ago.

A lot of folks might not have heard about Azusa Street.

What happened there?

Well, what happened was an African American man named

William Seymour came from Houston.

He was seeking for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit,

and the spirit of God fell in 1906,

with a small group of believers.

That tongue of fire erupted on the place called Azusa Street,

and it spread all over the world.

It was the baptism of the Holy Spirit,

and it was-- they said the color line was washed away

in the blood.

It united the body of Christ and all those racists,

could God do such a thing again.

How long did it last, and why did it end?

Well it actually went to about 1916.

And it really was partly racial division in the body of Christ

that actually ended it.

And so we believe that God's bring these things

back again because he wants to make us one.

So before it ended though, William Seymour

and someone else had a prophecy that's pertinent to today.

Tell us about that.

It was somewhere between 1909 and 1913.

He prophesied that in 100 years, a revival far eclipsing

Azusa Street would take place.

Maria Woodworth-Etter, the healing revivalist,

prophesied the same thing.

I've just run into a man in Africa

that has 10 million people have been praying that prophecy

for three years, thank God.

It's time.

We believe we're in a season of a great outpouring

of the spirit.

Because, if I do my math correct, it's 100 years later.


We're in that moment.


It was like Daniel, when he knew it was time,

he set his face to fast and pray,

to see that prophesy fulfilled.

OK, this is happening at April 9.

You said you've got about 1,000 people a day

signing up to come to California?


It's been extraordinary.

Something's happening.

I think there's a sense in the spirit, all over the globe

but in America.

In the church, there's this expectancy

that God is getting ready to move again.

And we're excited that this could be a flash point.

I don't think it's the beginning,

I think just a flash point of encouraging and releasing

power, and signs and wonders.

Well Lou, you're most known for The Call prayer movement.

And as you mentioned, I was with you back when

it started back in DC.

There was an incredible outpouring the Holy Spirit.

Then you moved.

Then we had 9/11, you moved up to Boston, New York.

There's so many of--

Nashville, 777.


You even had one in Jerusalem in 2008.

I went to that one, it was incredible.

And you've called this a John the Baptist type of movement.

What do you mean by that?

Well, you know before it started,

I had a dream in which I was overwhelmed

with the possibility of seeing America turn back to God.

But in the dream, a scroll rolled down before me,

and it said, "he will go on before the Lord,

in the spirit and the power of Elijah,

to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children,

and the rebellious to the wisdom of the righteous."

And in the dream, I just knew the Lord was saying

that this was-- it's not a John the Baptist,

but it had that fasting, praying, nazarite kind of deal.

We've done that for 16 years, but maybe I

could say this, Wendy.

It was four years ago, these why-whammers,

"youth with a mission" leader guys, came into my living room

and said, there's coming a shift to the call

and it will not be just fasting and prayer,

but the proclamation of the gospel, signs, and wonders.

And stadiums will be filled, and Billy Graham's mantles

coming on the nation.

It shocked me.

For two days we prayed.

As we're closing our time, this profit from Nashville

calls my friend, who's in the meeting.

He says, do you know where Lou Engle is?

Tell him I had a visitation last night.

Tell him there's coming a shift to the call,

and it will not be just fasting and prayer,

but the proclamation of the gospel.

Signs and wonders and stadiums will be filled,

and Billy Graham's mantle.

From that point on, I felt like the Lord say,

Luther's coming to shift from this John the Baptist.

We're headed to a Jesus movement,

because the last word of John was not

"prepare the way of the Lord", it

was "behold the Lamb of God that taketh away

the sins of the world, and he shall baptize you

with the Holy Spirit and power."

I believe we're in a new day, we're

headed to a new Jesus movement in America.

And I know you get a lot of dreams,

a lot of very prophetic dreams, and the inspiration

for this Azusa Street revival came in a dream, right?

It was stunning.

I had gotten reconciled with the leader of the Azusa Street


And he said the call of Azusa Street

is still waiting for you.

And then the Lord spoke to me to look up April 9,

2016, the 110th anniversary.

It's a Saturday.

I looked it up, it's a Saturday.

So I called my friend, who's been like a prophet to me

for 31 years, and he said, I had a dream.

In this dream, I had to buy five sets of five plane tickets.

I think it's grace.

An in this dream, we could only fly United Airlines.

And he knew that the only way the church can fly right now,

we must be United.

Because only a uniting church can heal a divided nation.

He said, I was so concerned I'd miss the flight that I

looked up the dates of the tickets,

and it was in 1,080 days.

He woke up out of the dream, he looked up 1,080 days.

April 9, 2016.

110th anniversary of Azusa Street.

I believe it's time again for a new outpouring

of the Holy Spirit.

Lou, what can happen when this many believers--

how many are you expecting in, is it Pasadena?

It's in the memorial Colosseum in Los Angeles.

In Los.


How many-- what can happen?

What can God do, when tens of thousands,

hundreds of thousands of believers

gather together for one day?

Once you put 1,000 to flight, do ten thousand.

What happens if 100,000 or 70,000 gather together?

We're going to pray from 7 o'clock in the morning.

We're praying for unity, bringing the streams

and the races together.

Because Act 2.1 precedes Acts 2.2.

They were all together in one place, in one accord.

And then suddenly out of heaven-- and then

that afternoon, were going to pray for signs and wonders

with the Bethel movement.

Many of the healing revivalists are gathering.

We're believing for incurable diseases to be healed,

and proclamation of the gospel that night.

I'm making that shift with the call right now.

Will there be prayers going forth for our elections?

Or things--

We're not going to make that the main point.

We will pray for our nation, we'll pray for the election,

but that's not the main point.

I believe the hope for America is a great spiritual awakening.

All right.

Well Lou, how can people get involved?

Go to The Call.

I mean, go to

Get all the information, begin to fast and pray right now.

Let's not go for and event.

Let's go for a massive breakthrough across the nation.

That would be incredible.

It will be incredible.

And I know, because I've been to many of your prayer events

and God uses you in a mighty way.

And I hope I'm going to be there.

We'll see.

If you're there, it'd be awesome for you to pray.

I give you an invitation.

There you go.

All right, everybody heard it.

All right.

Lou Engle is leading Azusa Now 2016,

the event happening on April 9 in Los Angeles Memorial


Tickets are free of charge, and you can register or learn more

about this event by going to their website,


Lou, you're an inspiration.

God bless you.

I love you, bless you.

Bless you.

Thank you so much.


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