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Twin girls attend Tim Tebow’s “A Night to Shine”, an unforgettable prom experien

Pastor Joel Thompson wanted to reach out to people with special needs in the Tulsa, OK area so he teamed up with the Tim Tebow foundation for A Night to Shine; an elaborate event where all the attendees are treated like kings and queens. For ... ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Winter is not your typical prom season.

But anyone who knows about A Night To Shine

knows this is not a typical prom.

Sure, there's food and dancing, and everyone's dressed up.

But what makes this problem unique is the people.

Love you guys.

You're all kings and queens in God's eyes.

Everybody have a great night.

You're amazing, God bless you guys.

We thought, well, what if instead

of doing what a church normally was kind of known for doing,

what if we reached out to the community of people

with special needs, and maybe even held

like a dance or a prom for them?

NARRATOR: So for about four months,

Pastor Joel Thompson has been working with the Tim Tebow

Foundation to pull this off.

JOEL THOMPSON: We have about 450 volunteers,

and we have 325 people with special needs

that will be attending.

Those with special needs could be people with autism,

people with Down syndrome.

They could be anywhere from 16, our oldest is 73 years old.

And a lot of them, it will be their very first prom

that they've ever been to.

NARRATOR: And boy, are they excited.


Thank you.

Where'd you get that crown?

Did you give that to him?

I did.

That's so cool that she gave you that.

NARRATOR: Just ask Kimberly Myers,

the mother of Molly and Megan, twins born with Down syndrome.

Hi, I'm Molly.

I'm Megan.

KIMBERLY MYERS: This is their first prom

that they will have ever gone to.

And it just so happens that they didn't go to their junior prom

last year.

And then when I told them that there

was a problem that they were going to, they were like, what?

So they got so excited.

I'm wearing this to the prom.

I like the designs on it, with the bow and the diamond.

Our hope for tonight is really to have people feel

loved and a sense of belonging.

And just to know that God sees them

as incredible, beautiful people.

A lot of times, I feel like people with special needs

go unseen.

They go unheard.

They feel like maybe nobody notices them.

But we want to really communicate, we see you,

you matter, you're amazing.

NARRATOR: That message of you have

value is something Kimberly has always shown her girls,

but it's not been easy.

KIMBERLY MYERS: Molly Megan did not

walk until they were three and 1/2,

so that's very different from a typical child.

I was like right here.

And I'm right here.

MOLLY: Our little brother's right here.

Here's more right here.

At the beach.

MOLLY: At the beach.

KIMBERLY MYERS: Their body tone and muscle tone was much lower

for a longer period of time.

It was a challenge for me to get the teachers to understand

that I did not want them in a special education classroom.

And we had physical therapy, occupational therapy,

and speech therapy for, gosh, approximately 12 years.

And then when they became teenagers at 13,

I just decided that they can do all of those things.

You can understand what they say,

and they can do everything that other children do.

NARRATOR: And tonight, they are.

From dancing, to karaoke, to limo rides,

Molly and Megan are shining bright.

Such an incredible turnout.

We are so glad that every single one of you

could be here tonight.

You're shining like stars.

You look fantastic.

KIMBERLY MYERS: A night to shine for Molly and Megan

just-- it just is going to give them a night to shine.

They love to get dressed up.

They love fashion.

You guys look beautiful.

KIMBERLY MYERS: And to be pampered

and just given so much opportunity to shine.

And I love that they called that event that name.

If there was someone that has a child with Down syndrome,

I just encourage them to hold on and go through the ride,

and do everything possible that they

know to do as far as being an advocate for that child.

And have the highest of expectations of that child.

They will rise to those expectations.

And it will be challenging for the parents at times,

but once you get through all of those stages,

and they're walking and talking, and in the car dancing,

and excited about going places and doing things,

it's all worth it.

My life is full of joy because of Molly and Megan.

We've just really been amazed at the Tim Tebow

Foundation and just the opportunity to work with them.

They've given us so many resources just here

for our prom locally.

And this is a part of more than just an event in Oklahoma.

There are over 200 churches here in just the US alone hosting

on this one night simultaneously.

And even seven countries around the world.

So for us to be a part of this worldwide movement,

it's an incredible opportunity to be able to do that.

We're just thankful.

So thanks, Tim, for that.

Luke chapter 14 verse 13 says, when you host a banquet,

invite the poor, the disabled, those who can't see

and those who can't walk.

And these people won't be able to repay you,

but you will receive your reward at the resurrection

of the righteous.

This specific verse really speaks to the people

with special needs and that community.

And I think we need to do a better job of really letting

them know that the church cares and that the church is

a place where they can come and feel that love that Christ

wants us to share.


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