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News on The 700 Club: February 26, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," Feb. 26: Saeed Abedini opens up about his prison experience, How 'Miracles from Heaven' transformed Jennifer Garner, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome to the 700 Club.

It's shocking, folks, but ISIS has

added to their list of horrors.

They are now using chemical weapons

against the Peshmerga in Northern Iraq.

We'll have that story because our guy, Chuck Holton,

was there on the scene.

There's no question about it.

And who's going to call them into account?

Well, there was more Republican brouhaha last night.

Donald Trump found himself in the cross hairs

as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz targeted the front runner

in the last debate before the big Super Tuesday primaries

next week.

It may have been the last chance for Cruz and Rubio

to prove that they can still win.

The question is will their attacks make any difference

at this point?

Heather Sells has the story.

HEATHER SELLS: No more Mr. Nice Guy.

That's apparently what Marco Rubio and Ted

Cruz decided heading into Thursday night's debate.

Rubio, Cruz, and Trump seemed to spend as much time or more

attacking each other as they did answering

the moderators questions.

You're the only person on the stage that's

ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects


You hired some workers from Poland--

No, no.

I'm the only one on the stage that's hired people.

HEATHER SELLS: Rubio was able to put Trump

on the defensive several times.

And turned the tables on him at one point,

exposing the way he repeats himself.

After Chris Christie called Rubio out for it

in a previous debate.

You'll have so many different plans.

Well, now he's repeating himself.

Mr. Trump--

No, I'm not repeating-- no, no, no.

Mr. Trump?


No, no no.

I don't repeat myself.

I don't repeat myself.

You don't repeat yourself?

Here's the guy who repeats himself.

I don't repeat myself.

You repeat yourself everyday.

I watched-- we're talking about repeating,

I watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago.

And I want to tell you--

I saw you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago.

It was a meltdown.

HEATHER SELLS: The candidates attacked each other

over their positions on immigration.

They generally agreed that religious liberty

must be protected.

And the top three answered questions

about their tax returns.

Rubio and Cruz said they'll release theirs this week,

while Trump said he can't.

I want to release my tax returns.

But I can't release it while I'm under an audit.

HEATHER SELLS: Not surprisingly, candidates Ben Carson and John

Kasich received the least amount of attention,

seemingly paving the way for the top three

to duke it out on Super Tuesday.

The prize, 11 states with close to 600 delegates at stake.

And if the poles are right, Trump

could be on his way to more big victories next week.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

Well, I'll tell you what, it doesn't determine

who's going to be the best president by having all these I


And I think we're all getting sick of it.

When I was running for president,

there was a rule set down by our esteemed president Ronald

Reagan, the 11th commandment, thou

shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.

And the idea of cutting everybody up

before a general election was just anathema.

We wouldn't do it.

There was civility.

And what's happened these last debates is just ridiculous.

And Reince Priebus said, it's the most qualified group

you've ever seen.

Well, they are qualified.

But my goodness gracious.

They're tearing every people apart.

Well we've had three of the candidates here.

Donald Trump just was well warmly received,

as was Jeb Bush, as was John Kasich.

We've got Ted Cruz here tonight as part of our Regent

University Presidential Forum.

You can watch it live at,

starting at 7:15 Eastern Time.

And we will have highlights from that interview on Monday's 700


I think you'll find it interesting.

He's a very fascinating guy.

And I will be having the joy of interviewing him.

I hope it's penetrating and illuminating.

Well, in other news, Hillary Clinton

is looking for a big win this weekend

in the South Carolina Primary.

Efrem Graham has that story.

Pat, the democratic race for president

has now become about race as South Carolina Democrats

head to the polls Saturday.

African-Americans are a key voting block in the state.

And not only are Democrats fighting for their votes,

but some Republicans say they should be, too.

David Brody brings us the story now from Charleston.

DAVID BRODY: Will they "Feel the Bern"

or will they rally around Hillary?

I was leaning forward to Hillary.

But I started feeling Bernie.

Ms. Hillary Clinton definitely has a track record.

It's proven.

DAVID BRODY: And so the battle goes for the black vote

in the Palmetto state.

The most important place to stomp, the church.

African-American churches opened their doors

to President Bill Clinton back in the '90s.

And now, they're welcoming Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders is also hitting the platform

with a surprise visit to Columbia's Brooklyn Baptist

last Sunday.

He talked about the criminal justice system and education.

And while loyal alliances have helped

Clinton build a comfortable lead,

Sanders has made inroads with millennials.

Both candidates have influential names behind them.

Despite going to all the right places

and saying all the right things, some

wonder if the candidates are taking black voters

for granted.

Analyst Juan Williams recently wrote in the Wall Street

Journal, "The rush of endorsements

from the black elite has inevitably

led to charges that the candidates are

pandering to black Americans."

The outcome of the Democratic Primary here in South Carolina

could hinge on black voters.

African-Americans make up a large swath

of the democrat electorate down here.

And that's why Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are working

overtime to secure their votes.

In 2008, this voting block provided

President Obama momentum to win the Democratic nomination.

But color doesn't necessarily lead to votes.

Republican candidate Ben Carson receives little support

from African-Americans.

It's a problem the Republican Party knows it needs to fix.

Quite frankly, the Republican Party

hasn't been present in black communities

across this country.

We still have our challenges, without any question.

But we're getting it right a lot more

than we're getting credit for.

DAVID BRODY: Betty Gregory is a prime example.

I'm one of those that was automatically Democrat.

DAVID BRODY: But not anymore.

I want to vote for not only the individual behind the issues,

but I want to see how they're living.

And I know that a person-- for me anyway--

a person that believes in God cannot go too far wrong.

DAVID BRODY: In the end, both sides of the political aisle

will need to prove themselves to black voters

nationwide as the race moves to other states

with diverse populations.

David Brody CBN News.

It's been a little more than a month since Pastor Saeed

Abedini's release from prison in Iran,

where he faced years of torture and persecution behind bars.

Abedini talked about those horrors

in an exclusive interview with Abigail Robertson.

I felt in my spirit that some threat is going to come in.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: That feeling came during Pastor Saeed

Abedini's 10th arrest in Iran.

I know that maybe they're going to kill us because I turn

from Islam to Christianity.

But Holy Spirit was with me and encouraged me,

prepared me for all the suffering

that I should go through.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Saeed views this time

reaching out and ministering to those around him.

Tens of the prisoner were turned to Christ

the first year.

So the prison find it out.

Intelligent police find it out.

They took me to another prison where the situation was worse.

In every place that they changed my prison,

it was a good time to evangelize--

to see a new people and evangelize to them,

which made them so angry.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: But preaching God's word

came with consequences.

Every people who became Christian with me,

they started torturing them.

Separate me from them.

And the last two years, they made me completely isolated.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Was there ever a time

when you were over there where you didn't know if he

would make it back to America?

The first six months, they always threaten me to death.

And they said, for sure you're going

to be executed for what you did.

You made 1,000 Muslims Christian.

But every time that I prayed, you

know, Holy Spirit put in my heart,

no still I have some work to do for you.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: After 3-1/2 years,

Pastor Saeed Abedini has finally returned home to what he says

is a very different America than the one he left.

SAEED ABEDINI: It seems that they found out that something

should be changed.

There is something wrong.

I believe that God wants to bring revival back to America.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Thankful to be home,

Saeed still faces challenges, adjusting to life back in Idaho

with his wife and children.

SAEED ABEDINI: My marriage, actually, it's

not in a good position right now.

And I need people who prayed for me to continue.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: But Saeed remains hopeful.

SAEED ABEDINI: I knew that I'm going

to go through this suffering because of my faith.

And I know that God is using this opportunity to that gospel

be preached.

So I always encourage myself that the things I'm going into,

it's not actually useless.

It's not for nothing.

And good thing is coming out from it.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Reporting from Washington,

Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

Prayers answered and more prayers needed.


Sure are.

It's amazing what that man went through, the torment.

Then he gets home and his marriage is falling apart.

And his wife says, I can't honor him the way he wants me to.

And I don't know if that meant he used to beat her

or whether he was unfaithful.

It was all left up in the air.

She was really supportive.

And then, all of a sudden, he gets out and she splits.

So I don't know what it is.

But he needs prayer.

But he sure looks good considering

what he's been through.

It's just amazing.

And we appreciate that exclusive interview with Abigail.


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