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Bring It On-Line: Teachings

How do I bring my daughters back from the damage these teachers have done? Does this mean that even if we've confessed and asked forgiveness, we will still be judged for words we've spoken in the past? Should I go to the wedding-hate the sin ... ... Read Transcript

Well, it's time to Bring It On with some e-mail questions.

Are you ready?


Pat, this first one comes from Joann who says--

You know, the Bible says bring up a child in the way

that he should go, and when he's old he won't depart there from.

And I think if you brought your children up

as you say you have, sooner or later, they'll come back.

But the Bible also says that anybody

who takes one of these little ones who believes in me

and turns him away, would be better for him

that he had a millstone tied around his neck

and he was thrown to the depths of the sea.

I mean, it's really-- anybody who

turns on one of these little ones who believes in me away,

the curse of God Almighty is on them, and it's just terrible.

But your children will come back.

You continue to love them, and continue to pray for them,

and the Lord himself will open doors.

But you pray day, after day, after day for these kids,

and God will look after them.

OK, this is a CR, Pat, who says--

Be tough for all of us wouldn't it?

I think the idea is calumny.

That's a nice word to--

Define that.

The idle word is idle calumny.

I mean, you're condemning other people with your speech.

But we've got to be careful what we say.

And the Lord does say you'll give account,

but he also cleanses you and forgives you.

So I think that which has been done is under the blood

and you can receive forgiveness and take it and live in it.

That's it.


This is Alice who says--

Well, my thought isn't that-- I mean,

I know you're supposed to love her,

so by all means let her know that you love her.

But you can not participate in a ceremony that you feel is wrong

and violates your religious beliefs.

And to go to that, you're denying

what is very important to you.

So you need to tell the granddaughter,

look, I love you.

I'm with you.

I think what you're doing is wrong

and I can not participate in your wedding.


OK, yeah.

This is Adam who says--

You can tell pretty quick.

Do they believe the Bible?

Do they believe Jesus is the Son of God?

Do they take the scripture as it's written?

Do they counsel people to live a godly life, et cetera,

et cetera.

And the Bible also says by their fruits you shall know them,

so what do they do?

Are they stealing money?

Are they are a bunch of hucksters?

Fewer and fewer, there used to be some real charlatans

on the quote "television airwaves,"

but I don't think this is true now.

But by your fruits.

How do you know?

That's how you know, all right.

This is Ash who says--

Well, there's a large way of doing it.

There's some people who give up something for Lent.

They give up dessert, or they--

Sometimes TV.

They don't watch TV.

There was a professor I knew in college

who gave up drinking scotch for Lent and only drank beer.

So just shows how holy he was.

That's a tremendous sacrifice.

Wasn't that a great sacrifice?

That's his offering to the Lord.

Anyhow, the biggest thing is what's in your heart.


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