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Bring It On-Line: Prayer - 03/04/2016

How can I get my husband to pray? Do I just hand over the money to keep the peace or stand my ground, put it into a separate account to protect it? Is there any scriptural references for healing speech impediments? What is your advice for a ... ... Read Transcript

Well, time to Bring It On.

Of course.

Go for it.

Some of the email that's come in.

OK, Pat, this first one is from Debra who says, "Pat,

I want to pray with my husband.

I try at night before he goes to sleep and he'll say,

'What she says, amen.' In the morning, he just says,

'Thank you for this day.' And that's about all I can get out

of him.

I know he talks to the Lord every morning,

but I just think our marriage and prayer life would

be much stronger together.

Any suggestions?

Oh, my suggestion is take what you've got

and thank the Lord for it.

Amen, brother.

But I really think that's it.

But, you know, what he needs to do

is to see men who are not ashamed to pray.

And there are men's groups, people who are good men.

If you can find people like that in the church

to maybe come over for dinner or a social gathering

or something.

And he can get to know people like that who are not ashamed.

A lot of men are very private.

Their inner spiritual life, they don't

want to expose to anybody, including their spouse.

It's just the way it is.

So I say, thank God for what you've got.

What's next?


This is Donna, who says, "I've been remarried

and have adult children.

My husband also has adult children.

My parents died and left a large inheritance.

My husband says that because he's

the spiritual head of the house that the money is his

and demands that the money be put into our joint account.

He has racked up credit card debt

over $30,000 since getting married two years ago.

My parents worked hard and saved all their lives

so I would have an inheritance.

I want to use some money to help with my kid's college expenses


And my husband is very angry.

Do I just hand over the money to keep the peace

or stand my ground-- put it into a separate account

to protect it?

I'm afraid that this could lead to years

of fighting and strife."

Well, I am sorry for that.

That money is yours.

It was given you by your parents.

It doesn't belong to him.

A lot of people have trusts that actually keep a spouse

from getting the money.

Because they know that the spouse will waste the funds.

And they intended for their child

and they want the child to have the money

or their grandchildren.

So your parents gave specific instruction.

As you said, they worked hard.

They saved the money.

It's their money.

And they gave it where they wanted.

They did not give it to your husband.

So you need to tell him, I'm sorry, this is given to me.

It's mine.

And I'm putting it in a trust account for me

and for my children.

And I'm sorry, it's not yours.

He'll get over it.


He'll get over it.

Well, you hope he gets over it if you have a fight about it.

That's one of those things.

You married him.

I didn't.


This is a viewer who says, "I'm 21 years old

and I have had a speech impediment my entire life.

I don't have any mental issues impacting my speech.

My tongue just wasn't trained properly.

I avoid saying words such as 'four' and 'door.' It's real


I've been praying that I can speak properly.

And I have faith that He can do anything.

I'm just not finding any scripture

of him healing anybody with speech impediments.

Is there any scriptural references?

Does He heal speech impediments?

Moses said, I'm not eloquently.

And God said to Moses, who made your mouth?

He said, I can put words in your mouth.

You can be my spokesman.

And Moses said, oh, I can't.

I can't do it.

And God said, you will do it.

And OK, well, I'll put Aaron out there.

He can be the spokesman.

One of the great Greek debaters, [INAUDIBLE] Demosthenes,

who put rocks in his mouth, and he

used to shout against the sea with rocks

in his mouth to overcome speech.

Clark Gable, well-known movie actor,

played in "Gone With the Wind," he

had a real high squeaky voice.

And this lady took him under her wing.

And he would sit with a piano and hit a base note

and force his voice to hit that note.

His ear to pick it up.

Over and over and over again.

So you got a problem, work on it.

It's a muscle you can train like any other.

This is a viewer who says, "What

is your advice for a teenager-- 15--

trying to grow in Jesus Christ?

I've been through a lot like internet pornography

and sexual addiction.

I want God's will to be done.

Thank you for your advice."

Well, you know, the Bible says, how can a young man

cleanse his way?

By taking heed thereto according to thy word.

You got to saturate yourself in the word of God.

You need to read the word.

You need to read and memorize scripture, especially

the psalms and proverbs, over and over again.

But how can a young man cleanse his way?

By taking heed according to thy word.

Thy word is a lamp and a light.

And you need to know the word of God.

And it needs to be part of you.

It's just like breathing.

When something comes up, the word will be there for you.

And it is a stabilizing factor.

And, you know, that's how you do it.

I don't know what else to tell you.

I second that.

It was the word that changed my life.

It wasn't just praying the prayer of salvation.

It was getting into the word--

The word.

---and letting the word get into me.

You eat the word.

The word becomes part of you.

And it actually is part of the fiber of your being.

All right.

Well, that's all the time we have for e-mail questions.

But thank you.

And thank you for your questions.

We love hearing from you.


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