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Challenges of Deployment Amplified for Family of Six

Aaron has been deployed 5 times while his wife Rachel manages life back home with their four kids. With car repairs and other needs piling up, see how CBN Partners stepped in to help. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: The beach just outside Camp Pendleton in Oceanside,

California is where Marine Corps Staff Sergeant

Aaron likes to spend time with his wife

Rachel and their children.

Up or down, bud.

Up or down.

NARRATOR: The beauty and tranquility

is a drastic difference from the front lines in the Middle East

where Aaron's deployed five times

with the US Special Forces.

He relies on Rachel to keep things together

while he's gone.

I couldn't do the job that I'm doing right now without her.

I couldn't see myself without her in my life.

She's such an amazing mother and amazing wife.

I'm proud of Aaron because he's never

stepped back from the call.

And he does it honorably and he does it without hesitation.

NARRATOR: The couple relies on their faith in God

when Aaron is in harm's way.

I firmly believe beyond a shadow of a doubt

that I would not be here today if it wasn't for Rachel praying

for me, and just knowing that there's a multitude of angels

surrounding me and protecting me because other people are

praying for that.

NARRATOR: Their faith in God was put

to the test regarding finances after Rachel

had their fourth child.

Both of their older cars needed expensive repairs,

and Rachel's vehicle needed four new tires.

To avoid going into debt, they decided

to dip into savings to fix their cars and buy the tires.

And they had to put some purchases they

needed for the baby on hold.

AARON: It's frustrating having to pull money

from where you maybe wouldn't necessarily want to,

but it's out of necessity.

NARRATOR: New Song Community Church pastor Joe Cole

heard about "Helping the Home Front" and asked CBN to help.

We agreed.

JOE COLE: What you guys have done for Rachel and Aaron,

it's game-changing stuff.

It's life-changing.

It's not, hey, we gave them a bag of food

and so this week they're good.

I mean, you guys have changed their course.

NARRATOR: Pastor Joe told the couple the good news.

JOE COLE: You've talked about new tires for your car.

So that's a done deal.

We're paying for that.

So you're riding on four brand new tires, no slipping

and sliding.

You're safe and the kids are safe.

But it's more than that.

So from here today we're going to go down to Cornerstone Auto.

We have all of this worked out.

And we're going to take both of your cars

and we're going to drop them off,

and they are going to fix everything.

So, like air conditioner and this, and all that stuff.

Yeah, air conditioner-- woo, thank you, Jesus!

That's all getting fixed.

That's all getting done.

We're going to do that today.

Then we're going to go to Babies R Us--

Oh, no.

--and we're going to buy everything.

We're going to buy everything you guys need.

So tonight when you go home, you will go to bed saying, honey,

we don't need anything else for the baby or for the kids.

It is all done.

And we love you very much.

Oh, thank you.

Love you too.


JOE COLE: Let's go shopping!

I love you!

JOE COLE: Let's go shopping!

NARRATOR: The couple headed to Cornerstone Auto

to drop off the cars.

Then they went shopping to get what they needed.

This family can now focus on building their savings

for the future, thanks to "Helping the Home Front."

It's definitely a blessing, and I really

hope that they continue with helping military families.

Thank you!

Thank you!


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