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Bring It On-Line: - March 9, 2016

My father denies having another child even though I've been contacted by someone claiming that my father is his as well; how do I handle both sides? Why is modern society so cruel to Christians? Where can I find common ground with my boys? Read Transcript


Well, it's time to bring it on with your email questions.

Laura writes, "A guy contacted me on social media and claims

that my father is his father.

This was over 40 years ago that my dad

would have fathered this man with an old girlfriend."

"My dad denies it, and my mom would

like to drop the whole thing and move on with life.

But the man wants to meet his father,

and his intentions do not seem to be bad.

How do I handle both sides fairly?"

Well, I frankly don't think he's your problem.

I think, if your father's still alive, it's his deal.

You don't know if he was having children.

He could easily have fathered a child,

or he might not have fathered a child.

It may be a con.

And you say how do you handle it?

I think, if I were you, I wouldn't handle it all.

I'd give it all to somebody else.

It's not your deal, all right?

I agree.

All right.

Adam says, "Ever since graduating college,

I've been plagued by struggles with negative energies.

It feels as though I'm being tested

with relentless struggles.

I mostly feel hopeless now and wonder,

why is modern society so cruel to good Christian people?"


Adam, Shakespeare, "The fault, dear Brutus,

is not in our stars but with ourselves."

That stuff is all your mind.

You've got a bad attitude.

You may need to get yourself to a good Christian psychiatrist

and analyze what's going on.

We have chemicals inside of us, and we

have hormones inside of us.

And the chemicals and hormones interact,

and they give us crazy thoughts.

We could take the wrong kind of medicine

and wind up completely bonkers.

So you have the feeling that all is bad in the world.

The truth is, the world is a real beautiful place.

It was made by God. "This is my Father's world.

I rest me in the thought," you know, and you sing that song.

But I think what you need to do is recognize God's in charge.

It's His world.

And "This is the day the Lord has made."

I will rejoice and be glad it.

And start feeding your mind with positive energy,

instead of this negative stuff.

I don't know where you got it, but, certainly, there's

plenty of in the world.

You just need to turn it off, all right?


Lisa says, "My boys have been brought up in the church.

I have forced them to go on either Wednesday

or Sunday, their choice.

But it has turned into a war.

I heard one of my sons say that all I was doing

was making them hate the church and everything for which it


"Now, they are juniors and seniors in high school,

and neither of them has chosen to come

with us in the last year.

What is my biblical responsibility,

besides showing them Christ's love

and loving them through this valley at home?"

"Where two of you gathered together in my name,

there I am in the midst."

A house, a family is church.

Your sons, I tell you, some of the church services

are about as much fun as a leg cramp.

And to force some teenager to go and endure

that, I mean, why would you do it?

But there are youth groups where they

are praising God and having fun, and you

can't wait to get to church.

So it depends on who's doing what.

And what you need to do is find some place that's fun,

let them enjoy it.

I mean, the Young Life and others have tremendous time.

They have fun.

But just to force somebody, I mean, why would you do that?

Why would you force your kids to go to church?

I mean, they don't want to go to church.

Have church at home You all pray together at homes.

And look, we're sitting around the dinner table.

And, Johnny, you tell me your favorite verse,

or you tell me something God's done for you.

What would you like me to pray for?

And get them involved.

But kids need to feel involved, and they

need to see the power of God.

They do that, you don't have to worry about it, all right?

Good answer.


Maria, writes in, can my son, who

was baptized, believes in God, but is hooked on heroin,

go to heaven if he dies?

I'm worried he will lose his soul

to go all the sins he's committed.

I know he loves the Lord, but he's

trapped and addicted to a very dark life.

He's only 24.

And please pray for him."

Well, I have no knowledge of your son's faith of what it is.

I don't know what he's done.

I don't know what sins he's committed.

I don't know what's in his mind and heart.

But I didn't know this, that God is a loving God.

And God is a God who likes to forgive.

And God wants to bring your son do Himself.

So I recommended you pray and that you

ask God to surround this young man with His special presence.

And he's addicted to heroin, currently.

I heard that.


Well, you need an intervention.

You get a group of you together and get him off that stuff.

A lot of those 12- step programs don't work.

Some of them do work.

But I tell you, a heroin user is one of the most adroit liars

you've ever seen in your life.

They'll lie about everything.

And you need to get an intervention where

a number of you confront him.

But you need professional help in that stuff.

I mean, it's just tragic how Satan

has taken charge of the young people of our nation

and gone after them with methamphetamine,

and gone after them with ecstasy,

and gone after them with heroin, and all

after them with, now, the introductory drug is marijuana.

It's terrible, the onslaught.

You know, the Bible says, "I write unto you,

young man, because you are strong

and you have overcome the evil one."

And all I can say is pray and love, and in that case,

get an intervention to get him off of heroin, OK?

I know.

Thank you so much.

That was excellent wisdom.


And great questions.


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