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News on The 700 Club: March 09, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," March 9: Fed up voters send a messasge with Trump, Sanders victories; Stumbling 'Bloc': why candidates are struggling to corral millenials; Israeli Diplomat: Obama like a new sheriff - with no gun; and more. Read Transcript

Well, we're watching an amazing unfolding before us.

It's called an election, and an unlikely candidate

who has been beat up by everybody

seems to be unstoppable.

The Donald scored three more wins

in the Republican primaries yesterday,

and he captured the biggest prize

of the day, which was Michigan.


Also in Michigan, Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders

won a shocking upset over front-runner Hillary Clinton.

George Thomas brings us this look

at where the race stands after Tuesday's primaries.

GEORGE THOMAS: The Trump train keeps on steam rolling ahead.

Well, thank you very much, everyone.

This was an amazing evening.

GEORGE THOMAS: The Republican front-runner

swept through victories in Michigan, Mississippi,

and Hawaii, all in a week that saw his rivals

and outside groups going after him with attack ads.

I don't think I've ever had so many horrible, horrible things

said about me in one week.

GEORGE THOMAS: As in other primaries so far,

Republican voter turnout continues to be extremely high.

No matter where you go, it's records.

I think it's actually the single biggest story in politics


It's what's happening at the booth.

And what's happening at the booth

is that voters are telling pollsters

they are anxious about the economy, immigration,

and are downright angry at the way Washington is working.

In fact, on these issues, exit polls show a majority of voters

want an outsider like Trump to fix the mess in the nation's


I understand the people who are supporting Donald Trump.

You're angry.

GEORGE THOMAS: Meanwhile, Texas Senator Ted Cruz

continues to position himself as the chief alternative

to Donald Trump.

If you're fed up with the corruption of Washington,

the answer is not supporting someone

who has been funding and profiting off

of that Washington corruption for decades.

GEORGE THOMAS: Cruz kept trying from winning

a sweep of the Tuesday primaries with a win in Idaho,

while Ohio Governor John Kasich had

a strong showing in Michigan.

But Cruz edged him out in a very close race for second.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who has won only two contests so

far and was pegged by some in the Republican establishment

as the party's best alternative to Trump,

had a terrible night Tuesday, placing

a distant third or fourth.

So here's where the Republican race stands today.

Trump now has 446 delegates, Cruz

has 347, Rubio 151, and Kasich 54.


On the Democratic side, a shocker

as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

pulled off a surprising upset victory in Michigan,

despite polls showing front-runner Hillary

Clinton with a sizable lead before the vote.

That gives the 74-year-old the boost

he needs to fight another day.

Let's show the world that democracy is alive and well

with a huge voter turnout.

GEORGE THOMAS: But Clinton demolished Sanders

with a landslide win in Mississippi,

with huge help from black voters.

America belongs to all of us, not just those

who are already successful.

I want to be the president not for those

who are already successful.

They don't need me.

I want to be the president for the struggling

and the striving.

GEORGE THOMAS: As it stands now, Clinton

has 1,221 delegates, Sanders 571.

But the big test for Republicans comes next week,

in the winner-takes-all contest in Florida, Ohio, and Missouri,

along with the big states of Illinois and North Carolina.

The March 15 primaries could go on a long way

in deciding the winner in the race

for the Republican nomination.

Or if Kasich wins his home state of Ohio or Rubio wins Florida,

well, it could mean the Republican race

will keep on going even longer.

George Thomas, CBN News.

You know, Donald Trump isn't asking me for suggestions,

but my suggestion would be if he's

looking for somebody who can get things done,

he ought to team up with John Kasich

and run as a team with Kasich as Vice President.

If he wants to have a quote "politician" to get

things done, Kasich is the man to make it happen.

Yeah, because Trump has said he wants

someone who has experience.


He's said it to me sitting across the table.

Well, let me ask-- what happened in Idaho?

I mean, Trump didn't do too well there.

They're conservative.

I mean, they grow a lot of potatoes in Idaho,

and they've got a lot of ranchers in Iowa.

And it's a beautiful state, but it's a small state.

And in a small state like that, evangelicals come to the fore.

And the evangelicals have gone for Cruz.

So I think that's what happens.

But the bottom line is, wherever there's an open primary where

the Democrats can come in and vote,

they vote and they vote for Trump.

And he just is sweeping the country.

And I don't know what happened to Kasich-- not Kasich,

but Rubio.

He was considered the alternative, the establishment


And then all of a sudden, he began

to say funny things in these debates,

and he got hammered pretty much by the governor of New Jersey.

I mean, hammered.

And he had like a meltdown, and he's never really recovered.

There are some who think he has no base,

and that he really ought to withdraw prior to Florida.

Because even if he wins Florida, which may be unlikely, so what?

Where does he go?

But if he loses Florida, he's withdrawn from the Senate,

I don't know what is happening next.

He's an extraordinarily able person,

and I hate to see something like that happen.

I doubt he'll pull out before Florida,

because I think he's putting all his cards on the table there.

But I tell you, the team would be Trump and Kasich.

And I don't know if the Donald is thinking that way,

but if he wants somebody who really

knows how to make government work, who really knows

the budget cold, who really can deal

with these arcane policies, Kasich's the man.

He is an extremely able person, and he could

make a tremendous president.

But who knows.

He'll win Ohio.

He's going he's coming in fairly well, I think.

They say Cruz can't seemingly get anything

much past the evangelicals.

He gets very strong support from evangelicals,

and that Kasich and Trump.

But Trump-- it astounds me.

I think it astounds everybody.

And it looks like he's got a clear shot at the nomination

the way things are going.

Well, in other news, the Iranians fired a test missile.

And they had it-- they had two long-range missiles,

and they were wrote in Hebrew a deadly message.

John Jessup has that story.

Thanks, Pat.

Those two ballistic missiles are capable of hitting Israel.

And written on them was the following phrase,

"Israel must be wiped out."

That message was written in Hebrew.

Iran has launched missiles in the past with similar phrases

on them, but this test comes after the country recently

signed a nuclear deal with the world powers, including the US.

The United States has objected to the missile tests

since the deal.


I don't think we should ever fault Israel

for defending itself.

And it's not like those Iranians are hiding their ambitions.

They want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

Once they have a nuclear bomb that

is tipped on one of the missiles they have developed,

they would not hesitate to annihilate Israel.

I mean, that is their mindset.

And so for us to restrain Israel from taking defensive measures

would be insane.

And I don't know if Bibi Netanyahu and his associates

are contemplating this, but something

really in their defense needs to be done immediately,

because the Iranians are doing it.

But to write on those missiles, we're

going to demolish Israel, put it in Hebrew?

I mean, how clear can it get?

The major powers missed a great opportunity

at the beginning of World War II by not taking Adolph Hitler


He wrote in "Mein Kampf," which means "My Struggle," what

his plans were, and he carried them out to the letter.


Pat, the nuclear deal with Iran is one of Israel's top concerns

as Vice President Joe Biden arrived there for meetings

with Israeli leaders.

His visit comes at a time of ongoing Palestinian terrorist

attacks on Israelis, and as an American tourist

was killed by a Palestinian in a stabbing rampage

in the port city of Java near Tel Aviv.

As Chris Mitchell reports from Jerusalem,

Biden's trip coincides with Israelis' trust in the Obama

administration at an all time low.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Vice President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime

Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with their wives

and talked about the solidarity of the US-Israel relationship.

While US and Israeli leaders praise the relationship

between the two countries, over the course of President Obama's

terms in office Israelis have increasingly

lost confidence in his policies toward Israel and the Middle


That concern has been reflected in polls.

For example, after the US and other world powers

negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran, nearly eight

out of 10 Israelis felt it put Israel in danger.

And a poll of Israelis last year showed only 9% of Israelis

felt President Obama was pro-Israel.

60% thought he was pro-Palestinian.

And more than 60% of Israelis described Obama

as the worst US president for Israel in the past 30 years.

When Israelis view Obama putting his trust at the UN,

considering the UN to be the quarterback

of international relations, we can not but

develop doubts about the realism coming out of the White House.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Ambassador Yoram Ettinger,

the former Israeli liaison to the US Congress,

says the lack of US leadership and the so-called "leading

from behind" is what frightens Israel and America's

allies in the region.

Ever since Obama has entered the White House,

there has been a devastating erosion

of America's posture of deterence--

which is bad for America, but doubly so for America's allies

throughout the world, but especially

in the wildest neighborhood in the world, which

is the Middle East.

It resembles a new sheriff in town

who announces publicly that he carries no gun in his holster.

Allies of America-- Israel included,

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Abu Dhabi, Dubai,

Kuwait-- we all want the American sheriff

to bring back the gun to the holster and to assert itself.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Despite the concerns about the Obama

administration, Ettinger says while Israelis may not

like Obama's policies, the relationship between Israel

and the US remains strong.

While at the top we do not have a positive chemistry

between the two leaders, the strategic cooperation

between the two countries, commercially and militarily,

are at an all-time high-- sometimes

in defiance of the president, but again,

due to the American public and the American Congress.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

Thanks, Chris.

North Korea says it has miniaturized nuclear warheads

that can be placed on missiles.

A North Korean newspaper showed reported photos

of the warheads, and the paper also

said leader Kim Jong-un met with his nuclear scientists

for a briefing on their progress.

If true, that would give the north

the capability of launching nuclear attacks

against other countries.

The regime claims it can strike the United States,

although that is questioned by some experts.

Pyongyang also says it tested its first hydrogen

bomb in early January.

Well, here at home the government

projects US crude oil production will

drop to its lowest level since 2013 in the next year.

That's because shale oil drillers are shutting down some

of their rigs to conserve cash.

Bloomberg News reports that the decline in production

isn't expected to be enough to push oil prices higher, which

have climbed slightly in the last few weeks back up

above $30 a barrel.

So gas should stay under $2 a barrel.

And Pat, this slowdown in US oil production fits right in line

with what you've been saying.

Well, exactly.

Without question, the Saudi's had a policy.

And the policy, they were concerned about the fact

that US production was ramping up to the highest in years

and the US was becoming the leader in the production

of oil, crude oil.

So they said, we will shut these guys out of business.

And they deliberately have held down

the price of oil beyond anything they can stand,

and they have been willing to bankrupt Nicaragua

and countries like that.

But they have certainly been willing to bankrupt

the shale oil drillers in Texas and Oklahoma,

and the hundreds and hundreds of companies that are either

shutting down production, laying down their drilling rigs,

or going bankrupt, is startling.

So the Saudis are winning that race.

But how long they are going to keep below this floor on oil,

we don't know.

But oil has come back up.

It dipped below $30.

It's up to about $36, $37 for West Text Intermediate.

And so there is some good news for the oil producers.

And people say, well, I get cheaper gas in my car.

Well, big deal.

But if you look at all the jobs that

are associated with the petroleum industry in America,

it is an enormous impact on our gross domestic product.

And if we cut that back, it will hurt us all,

even though we might get a cheaper tank of gas

at the pump.

I never thought about it like that.

Well, there's some of us that have to think globally.

I'm glad you're doing that for us.



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