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Bring It On-Line: - March 14, 2016

How do I talk to an atheist without scaring them off? Where does the Bible say that "God is to supply all our needs?" My mom constantly forgets that she has already given generously to God and feels guilty; What can I tell her? Am ... ... Read Transcript

Time to bring it on with the e-mail questions you all

have sent in.

And Pat, this first one comes from Rachel, who says,

"I have a friend who is an atheist.

I am a Christian.

She respects my beliefs and agrees with me

on a lot of issues.

I don't want to scare her off by talking about God.

I know that I have an obligation as a Christian

to spread the Word of God.

But how do I talk to her about Jesus without scaring her off?

Also, is it a sin if I don't talk to her about the Gospel?"

Well, it's not a sin.

But if she dies and goes to hell,

and you could have given her an opportunity to find Jesus,

then you won't feel very good about it.

And that that's the problem you face.

It isn't so much sinning as the grief

you have in your own heart.

What do you do?

I think the big thing, you love the person,

and you show in your heart love for Jesus.

And you show the happiness that's there.

If you want a scripture, it appointed unto man once to die,

and after that the judgment.

That's all the argument you need.

You just say, look, if I'm right,

then I'm going to be very happy.

If I'm wrong, I won't miss anything.

But if you're wrong, you're going to hell.

And the penalty is pretty ghastly.

So why don't you at least give God a chance?

Look, pray this prayer.

"God, whoever are you, wherever you are, if you are,

reveal yourself to me and I'll serve you."

An atheist can pray that.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you are,

reveal yourself.

And so see if they'll do that.

All right, what else?

This is William, who says, "A man I met at church

told me that the Bible says that God is to supply all our needs.

Is this true?

And if so, where does the Bible say this?"

Well, it's Philippians fourth chapter.

And the apostle Paul is talking to the Church of Philippa,

and he says, God will supply all your needs.

He isn't talking about everybody in the world,

every casual sinner that comes along God's going

to supply all their--

Sometimes there's a difference between our wants

and our needs, too.

Of course.

But you know, he'll supply your needs.

But he's talking about the Church at Philippi.

All right.


This is Farley, who says, "I take

care of my mom, who's been a dedicated Christian all

of her life.

Because of her childhood, she often

has a false guilt complex.

Periodically she'll read scriptures

about giving, feel racked with guilt and afraid

she won't go to heaven unless she gives money

to God despite our poverty.

On behalf of both of us.

I've given generously.

But my mom forgets quickly becomes guilt-ridden

that she's not giving to God.

What can I tell her?"

I don't know.

I just it's kind of a weird situation

you've presented to me.

Who teaches people they're going to hell if they don't give?

Who teaches people they're going to hell if they

commit one act of adultery?

Who teaches people that if they drink a glass of wine,

they're going to hell?

It's this stuff over and over.

I'm going to hell about this.

God is a compassionate, loving God.

And he is always on the side of redemption,

not on the side of destruction.

And just think he's going to work with you.

What do you tell your mother?

Maybe you can short-circuit some of her giving.

I don't know what to say.

I mean, let her give.

What's it going to hurt?

I mean, the Lord will bless her, all right?

This is Mary Pat, who says, "After 16 years of marriage,

my husband found a woman he wanted to marry

and left me for her.

They've been married for the last seven years.

Since my ex-husband was a believer, am I free to remarry

because he committed adultery?

Based on what I read in scripture,

I feel I'd be committing sin if I remarried."

The apostle Paul says that the unbeliever

is pleased to depart.

Now look, if your husband leaves you and goes

and hooks up with another woman, he

is a sinner, and a blatant sinner ignoring

the commandments of the Lord.

Especially if he's a believer, yeah.

Well, he's not a believer.

At that point, he is forsaking all the things that he knows.

So are you free?

The brother or sister is not bound in that case.

You're free to get married if you've

got somebody to get married to.

But I mean, hey, after seven years, honey, get over it.

Get on with your life.

He's not coming back.

Well, she sounds like she just wants

to be sure that the decision she's making is right.

Well, if she's got somebody to get

married to, take it from me, that's the Pauline privilege.


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