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Receiving “Miracles from Heaven"

Christy Beam, the maternal inspiration behind the new move, “Miracles From Heaven,” shares the supernatural story upon which the film is based. Read Transcript

--[INAUDIBLE] the tests confirm that she's very ill.

There is currently no cure for Anna's condition.

Doctor, please, this is our little girl.

I'm scared, mom.

Me, too.

We're not giving up.


We need a solution.

We need it now.

And we'll get it.


By not losing our faith.

Free her from this.

Can you even hear me?



So you're telling me that when this baby girl fell 30 feet,

she hit her head just right.

And it didn't kill her.

And it didn't paralyze her.

It healed her.


Well, that's impossible.


This is a little hard to believe.

There's a lot of people out there

that are just looking for publicity.

A lot of people think we're crazy.

You either roll with it, or you get rolled on.


He told me I'd be fine.


Who told you you'd be fine?

Well, joining us now is the real mother.

Not Jennifer, but this is Christy Beam.

And she's the mother of Annabel.

And here to tell us about the real story and what

really happened.

Underneath all of this, it seems to be an absolutely incredible

miracle of healing.


What was it like for you to have a daughter come to you

and say, Mommy, the pain is so bad, I just want to die.

I don't want this anymore.

I will never forget that day.

Ever in my life.

I will never forget Annabel saying that to me--

those words coming out of her mouth.

And we were in the hospital when it happened.

And I just crawled into bed with her

and just wrapped my arms around her.

And we both cried.

Like, what else do you do when your baby wants to die?

You just love them.

And I prayed.

Did you get mad at God?

I mean, I'm trying to put myself in that position.

And, God, what did we do to deserve this?

I asked all those questions.

I absolutely asked all those questions.

Why Anna?

Why us?

Why me?

What have we done?

And what can we do to fix it?

If I've done something wrong, then I'll do it right.

You begin to get to a place where you almost

don't barter with God, but you're

like, whatever I did wrong, tell me and I'll make it right.

Because your child suffering is probably the worst thing

you can endure.

Did you get any answers to those prayers?

Eventually we got many answers.

And there wasn't anything we had done wrong.

It was just part of God's plan.

But God's healing was the greatest part

of his plan for her.

When I get into situations where I want to get mad at God,

I go back a lot to John, chapter 9.

The story of the man born blind.

And the disciples ask him, was it his fault?

And if he's born that way, he hadn't yet done it.

So is that just?

And then is it his parents' fault?

And if his parents did something,

is it just to have it happen to the baby?

And I love the answer Jesus gives-- neither.


GORDON ROBERTSON: This happened that the glory of God

might be revealed.

We went over that and over that during our time of struggle.

It's so interesting you bring that up.

Because we did.

We read that story over and over.

Then the glory of God did get revealed.

Oh my word, did he reveal it.

I mean, it just is amazing.

For people that don't know the story,

and I'm sorry if I got ahead, but anyway.

For people that don't know the story, here she is.

She's got an incurable medical condition.

And she's outside playing with her sisters.

And tragedy happens.


GORDON ROBERTSON: And she falls into a cottonwood tree.

And it's like a 30-foot fall?



And I imagine you thought at the time she's now,

in addition to the medical condition,

there's now an injury.


GORDON ROBERTSON: What went through your head?

At first I didn't realize the reality of what had happened.

I thought that Annabel had just climbed and gotten

stuck up in a tree.

I didn't realize when Abby came to tell me

Anabel's fallen in a tree, that she truly had fallen.

Then, whenever she was non-responsive,

I thought maybe God answered her prayer.

Maybe he let her die.

And so many emotions went through me.

You can't have her God.

Like, not now.

Not ever.

Don't do this while I'm alive.

But then I just prayed.

And I just cried out to God, don't take her.

Don't take her.

And protect her and love her.

And then so many things came into play-- the firefighters,

the CareFlight.

And they were saying they've never had anybody fall 30 feet

and not suffer paralysis or broken bones.

So then there's that terror in your mind.

What is she going to look like when she comes out?

But God had it all under control.

Every single moment was orchestrated perfectly.

When did you know she was actually OK?

Well, when she came out of the tree, we went to the hospital.

They ran every test you could imagine.

And then the doctor said, there's nothing wrong with her.

His words were, Jesus must have been with that little girl

in that tree.

And he said, there's a minor concussion.

We want to keep her overnight.

But there's nothing wrong with her.

She's fine.

And as one day turned into another,

her stomach problems-- we began to realize-- something

is very different.


When did you find out that she had had an encounter?

The next day.

Yeah, the next day when we got out of the hospital,

we were driving down the road in the truck.

And she just turned to me.

And she said, you know, Mommy, I went to heaven

when I was in that tree.

And I just looked at her.

And I said, really?

And I wish-- I joke and say, I wish

I had said something brilliant and profound.

But I didn't.

All I said was, really?

Because then my first thought was,

how hard did you hit your head, baby?

But she was so serious.

[LAUGHS] Brain injury.

Yes, I did.

But she was so articulate about things

that Annabel would not have known.

Some things she said.

The way she said them.

And then she shared a fair amount that day.

But then as days passed, she would just

come and give me tidbits.

And I would write them down.

Get them wherever I could-- on a napkin, on my phone.

And I began to compile all of her memories

that she would share.

And it was just too-- I mean, she lived it.

There was no denying Annabel lived what she was sharing.

Your initial reaction was, you really hit your head hard.


And at what point did you get to-- something really happened.

When was that?

What convinced you?

What convinced me was we had had two miscarriages.

I had told the girls, because a friend had had a miscarriage,

and they were very concerned.

And I said, they happen.

They're unfortunate, but Mommy has had two.

And I went on to have three beautiful girls.

So God still has a plan for our friend.

Well, that's all I'd ever told them.

And then Annabel said that she saw a little girl in heaven.

And she said she asked God-- because the little girl looked

like me and Abby, our oldest.

So she asked God, who is that little girl?

And he said Annabel, that's your sister.

That, to me, was all I needed.

Because I told the girls I had two miscarriages.

But really, one of them was never a viable pregnancy.

And Annabel didn't know that.

So why would she not have said I saw two little girls in heaven?

Does that make sense?

Yeah, it does make sense.

So that's when I knew, OK--

GORDON ROBERTSON: Something profound happened.

Something profound happened.

And something profound did happen.

And she did have an encounter with Jesus.

And Jesus told her, you're healed.

Everything's going to be OK.

And there's some firemen coming for you.


I mean, he even tells her what's

going to happen when she's back at the tree.

And now I'm going to send an angel with you.

And that your daughter says is the light

from the angel that allowed her to see the rope coming down.

And she also says that that's-- we talk about it in the book

so in detail, about how she says,

that's why she was so peaceful.

Because the angel sat there with me.

And the firefighters could not understand.

She never cried.

She never called out.

When she was alert finally, she was so peaceful.

And they said it was so eerie.

And now we know why.

I think if I was trapped into a tree, I'd be panicked.


And I'd be yelling to-- please, get me out of this now.


And she's just peaceful.


So peaceful.

From a medical standpoint, what do doctors

say happened to the condition she had before she fell?

They don't know.

They just say that all they can do is look at where she is now.

They say she's asymptomatic.

She's on zero medications.

She's been released from the care

of the guru of pediatric gastroenterology in Boston.

They don't know.

But she's healed.

She no longer has two incurable digestive disorders.

And now she eats a lot of pizza.

She eats a lot of everything.

She is crazy.

But I think she's making up for lost time.

I really do.

What do you hope people get from the movie?

There is such a message of hope and encouragement.

And I feel like if people can walk away

with new lenses in their eyes to see things differently--

that God has a plan, that things may not always be perfect,

we will always have struggles, but it

is in his control-- I think that message of hope

is just so powerful.

And I think people are going to feel that.

I assume you're still going through struggles in life.

Oh, yes.

The miracle happens and then, OK.

Now do you approach those with a different view?

Do you view, OK, how is the glory of the Lord going

to be revealed in this?

I do.

And I also have found that during times

of trial and struggle, not to look down like I did before.

Because I missed all those miracles

that were going on around me before because I

was so trapped in my darkness and struggle,

that I was looking down.

But now I look around.

And I'm like, where are you going to be faithful today,


What miracles are am I going to see in my life from you

today, God?

Because they're there.

I don't want to miss them.


That's a powerful lesson.

That's a lesson I hope everyone takes away.


Because we do get casual with the miracles that

are happening all around us.


And it's one of those great scriptures.

God loves to hide.

I mean, he loves to hide what he's doing.

And he's looking for us to have that delighted surprise.

That-- wow, you really did that for me.

And if we just look for it and just experience that, and just

be in that moment with it, it really changes everything.

How you look at things-- are you expecting God to move?

Are you expecting the glory to happen?

Then it does.


And you get to see it.

You get to witness it.

What has it done for your faith?

It has definitely strengthened my faith.

It has definitely taught me that there is always hope.

That he has a plan.

Before, I wondered, are you involved in this, God?

Are you aware that this is going--

are you hearing my prayers?

But he wasn't just hearing them.

He was listening and answering them.

And he was intimately involved the whole time.

He wasn't just this big God in heaven, watching it all happen.

He was intimately involved with me.

And it has strengthened my faith greatly

to know that every moment of every day He loves me.

And He loves sweet Annabel more than I can love her.

And all my girls.

And that amazes me.

What's happened with Annabel?

She's amazing.

We call her an old soul because she understands things

that I don't understand still.

She has a grasp for Him, and for the Kingdom, and for death.

I mean, she's just so deep.

But then this is a little girl who can be so deep,

but then you say the word chicken,

and she's on the floor.

She thinks the word chicken is hilarious.

And she just cracks up, and laughs, and laughs, and laughs.

It's hysterical.

I mean, she's so full of joy.

And she's just grateful that she's well.



Well let me encourage you.

If you want to know more about this,

if you want more of Christy's story, Annabel's story,

you're going to need a ticket.

And "Miracles from Heaven" opens in theaters today, March 16,

just in time for Easter.

And Christy, thank you for this.

This has been a real encouragement to me.

Thank you for having me.

And I know it'll be an encouragement for anybody

going through struggles.

Can you look to see how God is going to reveal his glory?

Wonderful message.

We'll be right back with more of "700 Club Interactive"

right after this.

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